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What are the classifications of conveying lines?

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Suzhou Zhongsheng automation answers for you: the conveying assembly line is actually the equipment used for product production and conveying in the assembly line equipment. According to the different conveying chains (plates), it can be divided into the following categories:
belt conveying line: belt conveying line is a common production equipment, which is also widely used in food, electronics, packaging, chemical and other industries
roller conveyor line: roller conveyor line can be divided into two types: non powered and powered. It is widely used in the packaging industry. At the same time, it will also be used for auxiliary transportation in some other production equipment
chain plate conveyor line: the chain plate conveyor line takes the metal plate as the conveyor chain and can carry large and heavy goods. Therefore, the chain plate conveyor line is more suitable for heavy industrial production, such as automobile manufacturing, television production, etc
mesh belt conveying line: mesh belt conveying line is an assembly line equipment with metal mesh as the conveying carrier, which is often used for product drying
hanging conveyor line: the hanging conveyor line is the hanging chain conveyor line, which completes the transportation of products by hanging. It is often used in automobile manufacturing and other industries together with chain plate conveyor line
the above five kinds of conveying lines are the most common in the production of enterprises. In addition, there is an important conveying equipment – double speed chain conveying line. The double speed chain conveying line is more complex than the above five conveying lines and is widely used.

belt conveyor roller conveyor chain plate conveyor double speed conveyor plug-in assembly line is about that.
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