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What are the classification methods of beer equipment

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beer equipment can be divided into: household micro beer equipment, small beer equipment, micro beer equipment, normal temperature beer equipment, beer equipment, draft beer equipment, fresh beer equipment, bar self brewed beer equipment, hotel self brewed beer equipment, hotel self brewed beer equipment, hotel small beer equipment, barbecue city self brewed beer equipment, hotpot shop self brewed beer equipment, beer garden self brewed beer equipment, Self brewed beer equipment in shopping centers, self brewed beer equipment in entertainment places, beer equipment in small and medium-sized breweries, integrated beer equipment in small beer workshop production lines, and integrated beer equipment in large beer factory production lines

of course, buying equipment does not mean you can start a factory successfully

you need to do preliminary market research, study of brewing technology of fine brewing beer, marketing planning,


and customer collection (extension) marketing system. For these preliminary work, we Zhongxia technology will guide

in the whole process and give you the extension sales system developed by Zhongxia technology software engineer team for free

brewed beer is a product with high repurchase rate and strong social attributes

if you make the above preparations before opening the factory, I believe your self brewed brewery business will expand greatly

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beer brewing equipment, including:
raw material storage equipment – malt, rice storage bin, conveying pipe bridge, air dust collector, temperature and humidity monitoring and control equipment, ventilation equipment, weighing and metering equipment, etc
raw material preparation equipment – malt, rice conveyor, centrifugal dust collector, vibrating screen, malt, rice crusher, storage bin bucket, automatic metering electronic scale, etc
wort preparation equipment – gelatinization pot, saccharification pot, filter tank, wort boiling pot, sedimentation tank, rotary sedimentation tank, cooler, ice water and cold water preparation device, etc
beer fermentation equipment – fermentation tank, fermentation temperature control equipment, yeast culture and expansion tank, CIP washing and sterilization equipment, hot water and alkaline water preparation equipment, etc
beer filtration equipment – yeast centrifugal separator, filter cotton diatomite filter, rotary fine filter, biofilm filter, beer turbidimeter, deoxygenated water preparation equipment, high concentration dilution device, etc
beer storage and distribution equipment – sake storage tank, temperature control equipment, capacity measuring device, liquor distribution pump, automatic control and metering device, etc
brewing is the first link of beer production. Brewing equipment is the most important and basic equipment of beer production. Whether the brewing equipment can produce qualified beer depends entirely on whether the brewing equipment can provide sufficient guarantee for the brewing process; Brewing is a continuous process operation, and generally there is no redundant design and standby configuration. Therefore, in addition to routine maintenance, regular preventive overhaul or shutdown maintenance are usually carried out in the off-season of production and sales
beer packaging equipment, including:
bottling equipment – stacker unloader, bottle unloader, box conveying bridge, bottle conveying bridge, bottle washing machine, filling machine, sterilizer, labeling machine, packing machine, stacker, CIP washing and sterilization equipment, empty bottle detector, liquid level detector and spray printing equipment
canning equipment – can unloader, filling machine, sterilizer, tank bridge, liquid level detector, packer, film sealing machine, box bridge, stacker, CIP washing and sterilization equipment, etc
barreled equipment – instantaneous sterilizer, full-automatic barreled machine, hot water and alkaline water preparation equipment, CIP washing and sterilization equipment, automatic weighing device, barrel conveying bridge, barrel washer, etc
packaging is the last process of beer production and the last link of product formation, which is related to the final realization of quality and value. Like brewing, packaging is also a continuous process production, and there is no standby machine for packaging equipment, so any pause will cause great losses; However, the production capacity of packaging equipment is often greater than or equal to the brewing capacity, and the cycle of packaging production is much shorter than that of brewing. Market sales will also have a direct impact on the packaging production plan. Therefore, in addition to overhaul in the off-season shutdown period, packaging equipment can also use the intermittence of production to arrange small and medium-sized repair and item repair
auxiliary production equipment, including:
steam making and supply equipment – low pressure industrial boiler, blast induced draft fan, electric steam feed pump, water purification and softening equipment, fuel storage and supply equipment, steam supply and distribution regulating device, etc
power generation and distribution equipment – diesel generator set, start-up control panel, feed cabinet, cooling water circulating supply equipment, diesel supply and measuring device, etc
. High voltage incoming cabinet, metering cabinet, high voltage outgoing cabinet, transformer, on load voltage regulation control device, low voltage incoming cabinet, power generation incoming cabinet, low voltage outgoing cabinet, capacitor compensation cabinet, etc gas making and supply equipment – air filter, air compressor, air dryer, air storage buffer tank, air distributor, cooling tower, circulating cooling water pump, etc
water supply and drainage equipment – well drainage pump or tap water pipe network, industrial water filtration equipment, beer brewing water sterilization and softening equipment, production water recycling facilities, wastewater discharge facilities, etc; 3 CO2 recovery equipment – CO2 water washing tower, gas storage bag, CO2 compressor, CO2 dryer and auxiliary; Freon refrigeration compressor, CO2 condenser, evaporator, CO2 liquid storage tank, evaporator, auxiliary cooling water pump, etc
sewage treatment equipment – water collecting well, lift pump, regulating tank, rotary filter grid, aeration tank, surface aerator blower, sedimentation tank, sludge return pump, sludge thickener, sludge dehydrator, sludge storage hopper, pH measurement and control device, dissolved oxygen measurement and control device, etc
auxiliary production equipment refers to primary energy supply equipment, secondary energy supply equipment and environmental protection equipment, which are the basic equipment that all factories, including beer production enterprises, must be equipped with. It is the power source of production. It is as important as human heart. It must run normally and safely every minute. There is no doubt that it is the top priority of equipment maintenance in the whole plant. Generally, mandatory planned maintenance, inspection and test are implemented. Since it is indispensable, reliability redundancy design has been carried out at the beginning of plant planning and construction, leaving a certain amount of standby machines and equipment, and most of them are single equipment. Therefore, the maintenance of auxiliary equipment can be carried out in stages and batches in a planned way, or can be arranged during holidays, weekends or intermittent periods of production, with great flexibility.

in terms of types, beer equipment can be divided into: fine brewing beer equipment, self brewing beer equipment, small beer equipment, small brewery equipment, beer experimental equipment, beer filling equipment, etc; Among them, the brewing equipment can be divided into 100L, 200l, 300L, 500L and 1000L in terms of model; The equipment of small breweries can be divided into 2000L, 5000L, 10000l and 20000l. For more information, please contact Hesheng beer equipment.

personally, small beer equipment includes German and American equipment, laboratory equipment, fruit wine equipment, wine equipment, dairy fermentation equipment, etc
medium sized beer equipment: there are three machine three body beer equipment and four machine four body beer equipment, which depends on the specific equipment demand and configuration
large brewery equipment: This requires more specific customer requirements and specific configuration requirements for equipment.

beer equipment is divided into household beer equipment, commercial beer equipment and brewery equipment according to its purpose

household beer equipment: 20l-100l & nbsp& nbsp; The cost ranges from several hundred to tens of thousands & nbsp

commercial beer equipment: 200l-1000l & nbsp; All in one machine & nbsp; Small floor area, simple operation and cost ranging from 4-20w

brewery equipment: 2000L and above & nbsp& nbsp; Mainly split machine & nbsp& nbsp; Large output & nbsp; The cost ranges from hundreds of thousands to millions and tens of millions

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