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What are the characteristics of heat shrinkable packaging machine?

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packaging is an indispensable link in the production process of any product. With people’s requirements for the beauty of goods packaging, heat shrinkable packaging machine came into being. At the same time, its appearance also reduces the production cost for enterprises, because it also has the advantages of small equipment size, short preheating time and power saving; Automatic shutdown function: when the furnace temperature rises to the specified temperature, the equipment will automatically cut off the power supply, save the cooling time, and ensure the normal service life of the equipment.

there are many kinds of heat shrinkable packaging machines, such as: small heat shrinkable packaging machine, PE heat shrinkable film packaging machine, POF heat shrinkable film packaging machine, PVC heat shrinkable film packaging machine, plate type full-automatic heat shrinkable packaging machine, beverage type full-automatic shrinkable machine, etc., and our flying rings can also be customized according to the requirements of customers, so there is a lot of room for the selection of shrinkable machines, Today, we mainly introduce the characteristics of PE heat shrinkable film packaging machine
with the continuous development of China’s brewing and beverage industry, the combined packaging form of products is also changing with each passing day. A degradable environment-friendly PE film shrink packaging machine is gradually becoming a new bright spot in the packaging machinery market
for the environmental protection PE film packaging machine, the following benefits are generally summarized:
first, it makes full use of the scalability of the packaging materials, tightly “wraps” the packaged materials to make them become a whole, avoids friction and collision, and is safer
Second, environmental protection PE film is a degradable material that will not cause pollution. It belongs to green ecological packaging and saves a lot of paper packaging
Third, it greatly reduces the cost of manufacturing enterprises. For example, the cost of carton packaging for beer is 2 ~ 3 yuan, while the cost of plastic combination packaging is only 0.25 yuan
Fourth, in line with national policies, it has found a way out for some medium and low-grade beer and beverage manufacturers who are unable to bundle due to national bans and do not need to use high-cost packaging
as plastic packaging is increasingly favored by many alcohol and beverage manufacturers, the demand for packaging equipment is also on the rise. In order to adapt to the special situation of the current domestic market, Wuxi Feihuan packaging equipment Co., Ltd. has successfully developed an economical automatic shrink packaging machine on the basis of fully investigating the domestic and foreign markets and digesting and absorbing foreign mature technology.

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