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What are the basic principles for choosing packaging materials? What are they?

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refers to the materials used for manufacturing packaging containers, packaging decoration, packaging printing, packaging and transportation to meet the product packaging requirements, including metal, plastic, glass, ceramics, paper, bamboo, wild mushroom, natural fiber, chemical fiber, composite materials and other main packaging materials, as well as coatings, adhesives, binding belts, decoration, printing materials and other auxiliary materials Packaging materials with certain mechanical properties should be able to effectively protect products. Therefore, they should have certain strength, toughness and elasticity to adapt to the influence of static and dynamic factors such as pressure, impact and vibration. 2. Insulation performance. According to different requirements for product packaging, packaging materials should block moisture, water vapor, gas, light, aromatic aroma, peculiar smell and heat. 3 Good safety performance, the toxicity of the packaging material itself should be small, so as not to pollute the product and affect human health; The packaging materials shall be non corrosive and have the properties of preventing insects, moths, rats and microorganisms, so as to protect the product safety. 4. The appropriate processing performance packaging materials shall be suitable for processing and easy to be made into various packaging containers. They shall be easy to mechanization and automation of packaging operation, so as to adapt to large-scale industrial production. They shall be suitable for printing and easy to print packaging marks. 5 Packaging materials with good economic performance shall have wide sources, convenient materials and low cost. The packaging materials and packaging containers after use shall be easy to deal with without polluting the environment and causing public hazards. 5. The proper use of packaging materials is related to the cost and the safety performance of product transportation. Packaging products with appropriate packaging materials can greatly save the cost, and the products can be safest protected with lower cost

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