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What about wrinkles when using heat shrinkable packaging machine

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wrinkles often appear in shrink packaging. There is no universal solution. The following problems are usually considered:
1. Insufficient shrinkage temperature
treatment method: increase the temperature (if the upper part is wrinkled, increase the upper heating temperature, otherwise adjust the lower heating temperature); If the temperature is high enough, try to slow down the speed of the conveyor belt to make the product shrink the tunnel for a longer time, which will improve the shrinkage effect
2. If the above treatment methods still can’t solve the problem, will it be the poor quality of the shrink film? If the shrinkage ratio is small and the toughness is not enough, there is only a good shrinkage film
3. If the problem still exists after the above treatment, it is that the machine is aging, or the machine used is unqualified, the temperature of the hot drying channel is uneven, and the hot air flow rate is too small. Replace with a heat shrinkable packaging machine of good quality.

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