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What about automatic sealing film old card cup?

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automatic sealing film old card cup. There is a small black square on the edge of the sealing film every 10 centimeters, which is the identification sign, and then when the sealing machine is powered on & nbsp; There will be a small bayonet on one side and the light will be on. Just put the small black square on the sealing film at the bayonet and let the machine confirm it.

when selecting the sealing machine, various factors should be comprehensively considered. Here to share some experience, I hope to help you. After the product is put into the packaging container, in order to seal and preserve the product, maintain the product quality and avoid product loss, the packaging container needs to be sealed. This operation is completed on. It refers to the machinery that seals the container after the product is contained in the packaging container. There are many materials for making packaging containers, such as paper, plastic, glass, ceramics, metal, composite materials, etc., and the shape and physical properties of packaging containers are also different. Therefore, the sealing forms and sealing devices used are also different. Generally, according to the mechanical properties of packaging materials, it can be divided into the following two categories:

(1) flexible container sealing device. Flexible containers are bag containers made of flexible materials, such as paper, plastic film, composite film, etc. The sealing of this kind of container mostly forms a combined machine with bag making and filling, which is rarely used independently. Due to different materials, its sealing device is also different. ① Paper bag sealing device. For paper materials, adhesive is generally applied at the sealing place, and then mechanical pressure is applied for sealing. ② Sealing device for plastic film bag and composite film bag. Many plastics have good heat sealing performance. Plastic bags or composite bags made of this kind of plastics are generally heated directly at the sealing place and applied with mechanical pressure to make them fuse and seal


(2) rigid container sealing machine. Rigid container refers to the container whose shape is not easy to change after the container is formed. Different forms of covers are often used for its sealing. The following are commonly used. ① Unscrew the cap. The cover is processed with internal threads in advance, and the threads can be divided into single head or multiple heads. For example, single head thread is used for medicine bottles and multi head thread is used for can head bottles. The machine rotates the cover and compresses it at the mouth of the container. ② Knurling. This kind of cover is mostly made of aluminum without threads in advance. The aluminum cover is rolled with rollers to make it have threads exactly the same as the thread shape of the bottle mouth, and the container is sealed. When unsealing, the cover will break the indentation along the periphery of the skirt and cannot be restored, so it is also called “anti-theft cover”. The machine is mostly used for sealing and packaging of high-grade wines and beverages

the automatic sealing film is an old card. In this case, the sealing place can be moved up again, so that the cup can not be stuck.

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