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Top 50 global food and beverage industry?

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  1. Coca Cola Company
1 billion of the global 48 billion beverage consumption is Coca Cola products. The company’s
Vintage Coca Cola accounts for 63% of the global share
1999 was a year when the world’s largest beverage company suffered great changes and shocks. The president and CEO of the company announced that they would slow down. Coca Cola also bought <
alcohol free beverage brands worth $700 million in 155 countries. Although it seems a good idea, monopolists have to worry about the European, Mexican and Australian markets
the same trouble was encountered when buying the orangina brand of a French company
Coca Cola’s market share increased by nearly 2%, of which 1% came from the purchase of Cadbury,
while the net income increased by 4%, mainly due to the increase of price. The net income of North America reached $7.5
billion, accounting for 38% of sales, while the Far East accounted for 26% of the company’s revenue and Europe accounted for 23%, a decrease of 3% compared with
last year
Coca Cola specially re planned in the second half of 1999 to seek strategies to increase profits
in January this year, Coca Cola announced that it would cut 6000 jobs, more than half of which were in the United States. Because
the expenses of these employees will cost the company $800 million
  2. Nestle
Swiss Nestle sells food and beverages in the world, while it mainly sells large quantities of aquatic products in North America. Nestle has controlled the strongest bottled water seller in the United States for three years,
accounting for 30% of the U.S. market share. Sales increased by more than 15% last year
now nestle continues to increase the market share of bottled water in the world. And set up a branch in Asia,
with a view to increasing sales by 10% every year in the next few years. In addition, he continued to increase the sales of water drinks in developing countries last year. Beverage sales accounted for
26% of Nestle’s total sales last year
Nestle coffee has defeated many brands in the world and is in the leading position. At the end of 1999,
he sold and MJB to saralee, a company active in the American market
  3. Anheuser Busch
the world’s largest brewer is growing. Last year, the sales reached 52 billion US dollars, an increase of 3%, and the domestic market share increased by 0.7% to 47.5%. A-B achieved its eighth consecutive double growth year. This year, A-B company and two other major American brewers tried to raise
some prices. As a result, company A-B received an additional income of 3% last year
with the steady development of American beer industry, A-B follows Coca Cola and focuses on domestic and foreign markets. A-B has established joint ventures in Europe, North Korea and China, and continues to expand
to all continents. However, with the intensification of competition, this strategy appears to be costly and slow to take effect. The share of
outside the United States increased by 1.2% last year to 72 million shipments. Ireland, Europe and the United States
are the most significant. At the same time, the company got rid of its partners in Asia and South America
  4. Diageo
Diageo UK provides high quality beer, wine and Baijiu for the world. Now
new investments in the company have begun to pay off. Last year, North American Baijiu sales increased by 9%, and the world Guinness sales increased by 2% in the second half of
. Although sales in Ireland are not so satisfactory,
and American beer and Baijiu consumption are on the rise. br>  5. PepsiCo PepsiCo
is now known as a fast food company mainly engaged in non-alcoholic beverages. More than 65% of the company’s operating income
benefits come from firto lag branch. In 1999, PepsiCo continued to strengthen the process of company integration and established four bottling plants. PBG is the largest bottler in this system. PepsiCo holdings
35%. It was listed in April 1999 and established an enterprise type similar to Coca Cola. In
PepsiCo’s products, all sales increased by 2%. The most increased by 4%
  6. Seagram CO
where there are large companies in the world, major events happen almost every day. Seagram has been integrated since
. Last month, he announced that he had started looking for partners. The company’s operation is diversified and
is transformed into an entertainment company
in 1999, 30% of Seagram’s turnover came from beverages, which is the second year that the company began to sell
its beverage factories. Of course, Seagram is not simply a narrow source of wine and Baijiu production resources. He still focuses on the
places that have already had good results and prospects in the world market, such as Asia, which have been recovering since the 1997 financial crisis and have been increasing
in terms of sales and earnings. Sales in Asia accounted for 79% in 1999, mainly due to the contribution of Korean partners
  7. Miller brewery
the company’s brewery is still an active player in the rapidly developing beer market. The second largest beer producer in the United States accounts for 21.6% of the market share, although it is partly due to his control of the four brands of Pabst
and Stroh. Miller shipped 44 million in 1999, increasing production by 3.5%. According to the
plan, export freight decreased by 8%, which was matched by the increase in foreign sales
after PR tried to sell its orangina brand to Coca cola last year, PR still
engaged in fruit juice trade. Ironically, in 1999, orangina’s sales reached the top in its decade. In short, the company’s juice product volume increased by nearly 8%
  9. Danone Group
as a French health food and beverage company producing aquatic products, daily necessities and baked goods,
DG has been widely known. In the United States, Danone is no longer engaged in the beer industry. He plans to sell
its French brewery to the UK for $2.6 billion, and also sell its shares in Spain to Italy. At the same time, the bottled water industry has been vigorously developed. Recently, it has just announced that it will buy McKesson
water, the third largest water company in the United States, for $1.1 billion. Danone has now become the second largest bottled water company in the United States
  10. Cadbury, the world’s third largest alcohol free beverage company, made huge profits in 155 countries in 1999
its tax revenue increased by 8% and its profit increased by 15%. The drpepper brand is still growing and is expanding at twice the speed of the beverage market. Last year was the 15th consecutive year of its development, and Cadbury’s flower flavored drinks also increased by 5%.

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