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The seeds of sunflower are black. How do the pure white melon seeds come from?

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white melon seeds do not come from sunflowers. White melon seeds are pumpkin seeds

white melon seeds are local products exported from Heilongjiang and Inner Mongolia. Among them, snow-white melon seeds from Mishan City, Heilongjiang Province and Liangcheng County, Inner Mongolia, with large pieces, benevolent feet and white color, have won the high-quality award of base products issued by the Ministry of foreign trade in 1983

after the introduction of fine varieties of snow-white melon seeds from Tianjin in the 1970s, Inner Mongolia established an export commodity production base and adopted the advanced two-story planting method, resulting in a sharp increase in the output of white melon seeds. Heilongjiang Province is also the main producing area of white melon seeds, and has complete supporting links of production, processing, packaging, sales and logistics. It is now sold to many countries and regions such as Taiwan, Hong Kong, Britain and Austria


extended data:

therapeutic efficacy

pumpkin seeds have a good effect on killing human internal parasites (such as pinworm, hookworm, etc.) and treating prostate diseases. It also has a good killing effect on schistosomiasis and is the first choice of food therapy for schistosomiasis

nutritionists also believe that the zinc and phosphorus contained in pumpkin seeds are also helpful to women with sexual desire deficiency, and women also need a large amount of zinc for the formation and growth of egg cells. People can’t ignore the effect of zinc in the melon seeds, which can promote the rapid healing of wounds

reference source: Baidu Encyclopedia – white melon seeds

the white sunflower seeds we eat everyday are ordinary sunflower seeds. They are all stirred and polished by factory machines for a long time to grind off the black skin of the shell and expose the white skin inside. It looks beautiful!

there is a special machine. After boiling and peeling, it will become white skin melon seeds
in addition, snow-white melon seeds with large particles are a unique variety.

Xinjiang Maya seed melon seeds, white

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