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The burden in crosstalk is also called (), which can be divided into () and ()

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burden “is a basic unit of crosstalk discourse. Xue Baokun (2004) believes that the “burden” of crosstalk is the joke of crosstalk in his article “the burden” of crosstalk. According to the actor, “baggage” is a package full of jokes. The actor unknowingly opens the baggage skin and puts the jokes in it one by one; Then he secretly fastened the burden button and waited for the time to shake it off suddenly. Because the jokes are put in the audience unknowingly, when the burden is shaken off, the audience must be surprised and burst into laughter. At the same time, because the jokes are installed one by one in front of the audience, they feel reasonable and credible while laughing. This is called laughing “both unexpected and reasonable”. It can be seen that the humor of crosstalk lies in its discourse composition, making use of and breaking the audience’s “reasonable” pragmatic habits and psychological set, so as to achieve the stylistic effect of “unexpected” comedy

the funny artistic language in crosstalk is called “baggage”. It is a term used by crosstalk actors. In fact, it has exactly the same meaning as jokes and gimmicks. There are processes of “tying the burden” and “shaking the burden” in the application
generally speaking, it’s OK to tell a joke with one or two “baggage”.

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