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Telemarketing in packaging

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How can individuals do telemarketing well? In addition to our common telemarketing “seven weapons” of telemarketing: 1. Accurate customer positioning; 2. Comprehensive information; 3. Keen judgment ability; 4. Flexible questioning form; 5. Polite way to get rid of; 6. Accurate character judgment; 7. Reasonable interview reasons. Personally, I think the following points are very important. A. Diligence, there is a concept of “funnel structure” in telemarketing, which means that the more results you want to clinch a deal, when you have sufficient information, you need to call more customers while cherishing your time. What does “funnel structure” mean? Generally speaking, it means that you put all your calls into the funnel. Finally, only the number of potential customers will leak out. The more potential customers, the greater your chance of success. Diligence is not only in telemarketing, but also in any sales. Telemarketing is tasteless. You have to say the same script n times a day. You need persistence and endurance. These all rely on diligent support. B. The ability to tap customers. Here, mining customers does not just mean looking for customer information. After you have concluded a customer and established a cooperative relationship, he can tap more customers through his introduction. His introduction has a greater chance of success than you make a strange call. Trust should be higher. Once a telemarketer provided free service for a customer. The customer had some good resources. Through his introduction, he finally got a lot of orders. C. Take extraordinary measures when necessary. Generally speaking, telemarketing should use more hypothetical questions. For example, when making an appointment with customers, you can say this, Mr. XX, I have made our products clear just now. If you can, your company is on XX Road, and I just go there to sign a contract with customers in the afternoon. Do you think I can visit you? In fact, the problem is to skip the stage of whether the customer is willing to accept your product or service and directly arrive at the visit. When he accepts your visit, you have taken a step further. In addition, face-to-face sales can better grasp the customer. In addition, after communicating on the phone, visiting sometimes fails. Once, a telemarketer in my company used to visit the customer by car in heavy rain after simple communication on the phone, Originally, I didn’t have enough confidence in the customer’s transaction. After arriving at the door of the customer’s company, I first let the heavy rain wet my clothes, and then ran to the customer. The customer was moved. Of course, in the end, I also traded a large order. What I said is that for the sake of sales success, we should try our best to find ways while abiding by the law, and adopt unconventional methods for sales when necessary. D. It’s a good opportunity to control. In telemarketing, we often talk to customers for a moment. At this time, it’s not necessary to delay the transaction until later. We should deal immediately. Once it’s cold, customers often turn back. Therefore, telemarketers should learn to strike while the iron is hot and don’t let opportunities run away. In fact, there are many factors to do well in telephone sales, which need more personal observation and practice From my blog & lt& lt; About telemarketing & gt& gt;, user. qzone. qq/19864428

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