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Several identification methods of true and false pesticides

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identification method of true and false pesticides

(1) look at the packaging and identification

according to the provisions of the national standard gb3796-1999 general rules for pesticide packaging and gb4838-2000 pesticide emulsion packaging, the outer packaging box of pesticides shall be corrugated cardboard with moisture-proof layer. The outer packaging container shall be labeled with trademark, product name, pesticide registration certificate number, assembly quantity, net content, production date or batch and warranty period. There shall also be a color marking strip parallel to the bottom to indicate the category of pesticide: Herbicide – green; Insecticide – red; Bactericide – black; Rodenticide – blue; Plant growth regulator – dark yellow. Pesticide packaging containers must be provided with certificates and instructions. Generally, the net weight of each box of liquid pesticide preparation shall not exceed 15kg, and the net weight of each bag of solid pesticide preparation shall not exceed 25kg


the guarantee period of pesticides is generally two years

when foreign pesticides are sold in China, they must be registered in China first. The imported pesticide label shall have the pesticide registration number of China and the Chinese pesticide trade name registered in China. Except for the standard code and production license number, other contents on the label are consistent with the requirements of domestic pesticide label

the interior materials of pesticides shall be firm, tight, non leaking and shall not affect the quality of pesticides. Liquid pesticide preparations such as emulsifiable concentrate are generally contained in glass bottles, metal bottles or plastic bottles, with inner plugs and outer caps. Some of them adopt disposable anti-theft bottle caps. Powder is generally packaged in paper bags, plastic bags or plastic bottles and aluminum-plastic film pressing bags

(2) pesticide registration number

& nbsp& nbsp; According to relevant regulations, the pesticide registration number on the inner package of commercial pesticides meets the specified requirements. In order to identify whether the pesticide registration number meets the specified requirements. In order to identify the authenticity of the pesticide registration number, the latest pesticide registration announcement should be queried. It should be noted that although the pesticide registration number is marked on the inner package of some pesticides, it is fake or expired. Some temporary registration numbers have expired and are still in use

(3) look at the standard code

if the national or industrial standard is adopted on the commodity pesticide label, consult the relevant data to judge whether it meets the specified requirements; If the enterprise standard is adopted on the logo, it shall be reported to the “standard” Σ (4) look at the appearance and physical properties

1) emulsion pesticide

is generally a light yellow or dark brown single-phase transparent liquid. First observe whether there is stratification. If there is stratification, the emulsion formed after balanced release with water will not be stable

a simple test can be made on the emulsifying performance of the emulsion. If the hard aqueous solution of the emulsion is placed in 300C water for 1 hour and there is no stratification, precipitation and oil, the emulsion is qualified, otherwise it is unqualified

2) powder pesticides

in order to spray evenly, it is required to have a certain fineness. At present, it is generally required that no less than 95% pass the 74um sieve (200 mesh), without agglomeration and good fluidity

3) wettable powder pesticide

requires that a good suspension can be formed after balanced release with water. If the suspension performance is not good and large particles sink quickly, it is easy to cause inconsistent concentration during spraying, which will inevitably affect the efficacy

therefore, the wettable powder should have a certain fineness. Generally, it is required that not less than 95% can pass the 44um aperture sieve (325 mesh), be wetted by water and float evenly in the water

the qualified products are not agglomerated, easy to disperse, the wetting time is less than 3 minutes, and the suspension rate is greater than 55%

the unqualified products are agglomerated, caked and difficult to disperse, and the wetting time is more than 10 minutes

4) suspending agent pesticide

suspending agent is a new pesticide dosage form taken by swallowtail in recent years. It is a viscous and flowable liquid preparation. It is allowed to be layered after storage, but it can still restore the geological original state after shaking by hand, and it is not allowed to agglomerate

the appearance of nonconforming products is layered, which is not easy to recover and caking after shaking

5) granule pesticide

granules have three processing methods: coating method, kneading method and impregnation method

the coating method mostly takes particles with a certain fineness as the carrier and adheres to the fine powder of the drug. During appearance inspection, in addition to whether the particle size meets the specification standard (6-19um), it should also pay attention to whether the powder falls off from the particles, and the falling off rate is ≤ 5%

kneading method is to knead the medicament and additive evenly with water, extrude them into strips, dry and screen the particles with a certain particle size range

impregnation method is to make the filler into particles with a certain particle size range, and add liquid agent or its solution into the mixer to make the agent absorbed into the particles

for the granules made by the latter two methods, it should be noted that the particle breaking rate is ≤ 5%

(6) capacity and weight

the capacity (weight) is marked on the pesticide label. The quality index of some pesticides is qualified, but the capacity can not meet the requirements of identification regulations. For example, the labeled volume of pesticides produced by a factory is 250 ml, but the measured volume is only 180 milliliters, which is 28% less than the specified volume

according to the provisions on quantitative supervision of packaged goods issued by the State Bureau of technical supervision, the difference between the net content of 250ml single packaged product and the volume of its sample shall not exceed 9ml

(7) active ingredients and their content

according to the variety and content of the active ingredients marked by commercial pesticides and the chromatographic conditions provided in the pesticide analysis methods in the pesticide chromatographic analysis manual compiled by the pesticide verification Institute of the Ministry of agriculture, analyze the active ingredients of conventional pesticides, that is, select a special chromatographic column, special internal standard hand and pesticide standard for each pesticide, and follow the determination steps, Carry out accurate quantitative determination and calculation

rapid analysis of pesticide active ingredients can also be carried out according to the variety content of effective ingredients marked by commercial pesticides and the chromatographic conditions provided by each pesticide rapid analysis method. Select general column 1 or 2, conduct qualitative analysis first, inject 0.2ul of commercial pesticide liquid sample into the chromatograph, and compare the retention time of active components in the sample with that of pesticide qualitative standard sample. The same is true pesticide, and different or non peaked qualitative and quantitative analysis

according to Article 16 of the regulations of the people’s Republic of China on the administration of pesticides “The packaging of pesticide products must be labeled or attached with instructions. The labels shall be close to or printed on the pesticide packaging. The labels or instructions shall indicate the pesticide name, enterprise name, product batch number, pesticide registration certificate number or temporary pesticide registration certificate number, pesticide production license number or pesticide production approval document number, as well as the effective ingredients, content, weight, product performance, toxicity, use and use technology of pesticides , use method, production date, validity period and precautions; In case of sub packaging of pesticides, the “sub packaging unit” shall also be indicated. Pesticide label is an ID card of pesticide, which has been examined and approved by the Ministry of agriculture and has legal effect. However, some pesticide manufacturers mislead consumers and seek illegal profits by changing pesticide labels in order to expand their sales. In many years of law enforcement inspection, the agricultural law enforcement department found that the following problems mainly exist in the labels of fake pesticides sold on the market. As long as you pay a little attention, you can identify their authenticity. First, the names of pesticides are not standardized, such as “ground insect bird”, “ground insect killing”, “ten insect killing”, “ground insect killing star”, “one sweep”, “grass fear”, “sugarcane LOX”, “sugarcane Fairy”, etc; Second, the single word area of the trademark is larger than that of the pesticide name, and it is in the middle of the label. The measures for the administration of pesticide labels and instructions stipulates that the trademark shall be marked on the edge or corner of the label. If it contains words, the single word area shall not be greater than that of the pesticide name; Third, there are several unit names and addresses on the label. According to relevant regulations, the name of any other organization shall not be marked except the unit name applied for registration; Fourth, there is no production date or batch number on the label, no product quality assurance period (the guarantee period of pesticides is generally two years), and the contact information is pasted and fabricated in disorder; Fifth, exaggerate the product performance and efficacy, and contain unscientific assertions or guarantees of efficacy (such as “harmless”, “no residue”, “ensuring high yield”, etc.); Belittle similar products and compare their efficacy and safety with other pesticides; It contains the name and image of pesticide scientific research, plant protection units, academic institutions, or experts and users; It contains the content of effectiveness and award-winning; The use of direct or suggestive methods, as well as ambiguous and exaggerated terms, gives people an illusion; Including “invalid refund, insurance underwriting by insurance companies” and other commitments; Sixth, the number of pesticide registration certificate is made up in disorder. Although the pesticide registration number is marked on the package, it is fake or expired. This kind of pesticide products are often fake and shoddy products. Some registration numbers have expired and are still in use.

(1) check whether the outer packaging, inner packaging, label content, production date, batch number, etc. are complete. The shelf life of pesticides is generally 2 years

(2) in terms of appearance, qualified pesticides have the following characteristics. ① Emulsion pesticide: generally light yellow or dark brown transparent liquid. Observe whether there is stratification. If there is stratification, the emulsion formed after dilution with water is unstable. ② Wettable powder pesticides: do not agglomerate and form a good suspension after dilution with water. ③ Suspending agent: viscous liquid that can flow. It is allowed to be layered after storage, but it can still be restored to its original state after shaking by hand. It is not allowed to agglomerate. ④ Granule: the particle size and color are uniform, no dust, dry and loose

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