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Sealing test and detection method

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the sealing test adopts the principle of ultrasonic sound sealing test, which is mainly used for the sealing test of cars, trains, aircraft and ships. Ultrasonic seal (Ultratone) seal test is a non-destructive off-line test method. It does not need to be pressurized, so it is faster, simpler and more precise than traditional methods of pressure or foam. Br> detection method
1. Water immersion method: soak the tested container into water, and judge the tightness of the container by observing whether there are bubbles and how many bubbles. This test method may damage the tested product. In addition, water immersion method will lead to ponding and mud accumulation in the detection site, which needs to be cleaned frequently
2. Dry air method: control the difference between internal and external pressure of the tested sample by vacuumizing or air pressurization. If there is leakage, the difference between internal and external pressure will be reduced. The tightness can be detected by detecting the change of air pressure. The test medium is dry air, non-toxic and harmless, does not damage the tested products, and the test environment is clean and tidy
3. Tracer gas method: monitor the change of tracer gas concentration of low-pressure test workpiece. Typical tracer gases include helium or SF6 gas, which are inert gases and contain very little in the atmosphere. For example, when helium is filled into the tested part, the leakage of helium in the tested part can be detected by mass spectrometer. Of course, there is also radioactive gas tracer detection. This detection method has high accuracy.

first put water into the bottle and test the tightness of the bottle. If it is a bottle with good tightness, you can use it to fill drugs
in our previous experiments, we tested the tightness first and then loaded the items, but we didn’t load the items first and then test them. The landlord should straighten out the experimental steps. Don’t mess up the steps!

the first floor is right. First, put water into the bottle. Of course, it is full of water. In this way, turn the bottle upside down and rotate the cork (180 degrees) to see if there is water leakage.
Second, open the bottle, heat the bottle with an alcohol lamp, and then cover the cork, Put it into the water to see if there is water. Of course, rotate the cork
the tightness of the bottle can be tested through these two different methods, and you can use it safely. These are the previous work

use a needle. Take it out of the bottle or inject a certain amount of gas to see when it will recover
this will soon be verified


with the vacuum generator as the energy conversion element and the high-precision pressure sensor as the measurement means, the excellent performances of fast vacuum speed and high measurement accuracy are realized. Stable performance and reliable operation
test principle
by vacuumizing the vacuum chamber, the internal and external pressure difference of the sample immersed in water is generated, and the gas escape in the sample is observed to determine the sealing performance of the sample; By vacuumizing the vacuum chamber, the internal and external pressure difference of the sample is generated, and the shape recovery
of the sample is observed after the expansion of the sample and the release of vacuum, so as to determine the sealing performance of the sample.

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