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Rules for equipment maintenance in feed manufacturing industry

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feed processing machinery and equipment is the production tool of feed processing and production process, the carrier of feed manufacturing science and technology, the most important material and technical basis of modern feed industry, and the basic condition and necessary means of feed production and processing industry. For the feed processing industry, the installation, adjustment, operation, detection, fault diagnosis and maintenance of various mechanical equipment used for production must be understood and mastered. The condition of machinery and equipment is directly related to production quality, production efficiency and production safety. With a space of more than 3 million words, this book comprehensively discusses various mechanical equipment for feed production and processing, including corresponding mechanical equipment operated in multiple sections and units, such as storage and transportation, cleaning and crushing, batching and mixing, granulation and extrusion, finished product packaging and so on. In addition, there are central monitoring system, ventilation and dust removal system, public facilities (boiler steam system, compressed air system and factory electrical system), as well as factory laboratory equipped with necessary testing and testing instruments and equipment.

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