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PS how to paste the finished picture on the packing bag

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When the picture is ready, how to paste it to the picture above with PS
it’s better to have detailed steps…

steps are as follows:

required materials: PS CS6 example


1. Open the picture

2. Click “file” and then click “place”

III. select the picture you have made and click “place”

IV. adjust the size of the picture and press enter

v. hide the picture layer, and then select two rectangular areas with the rectangular selection function

VI. display the picture layer and click “Mask”

VII. Set “color deepening” in the layer mixing mode

VIII. The final effect is shown in the figure below

if it is a transparent picture, you can add it directly. If it is not transparent, it needs to be processed According to the specific situation!

create a new layer and place the pattern on the new layer. Then draw two selections according to the width of the bag

then click the add mask button in the lower right corner, and the pattern will be automatically added to the mask

then change the pattern layer mode to “positive Overlay” mode

then click the window of the layer with the mouse, call up the curve panel, and adjust the contrast of the pattern

it’s hard to judge if you don’t see your map. It’s usually realized by changing the layer mode

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