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Plastic packing bag

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20 cm wide small plastic bag, without folding edge, very thin and transparent, but very strong! What material was it blown out of? Ask an expert for advice! Thank you very much
I opened a plastic packaging factory! I can’t find a film blowing master to do it by myself. I can’t blow such a good product!

last picture, what product is it? The transparency of PET material is very high. The bag is also sealed, but there can be no hem
generally, the materials used for food packaging bags include PET film, PE film, PA film, OPP film and CPP film
their respective characteristics:
Pet Film: this film is super transparent, hard, high-temperature resistant and has good printing effect. It is more suitable for making food outer packaging bags. PET film feels particularly fragile and can make a rustling crisp sound when held in your hand
PE film: the transparency is slightly inferior to CPP, but softer than CPP. PE film has better tensile properties and tensile breaking force. There are two kinds of milky PE and transparent PE (HDPE /LDPE /LLDPE), which feel soft
PA film (nylon): PA material is tough, transparent, wear-resistant, puncture resistant, easy to be oxidized, easy to shrink and wrinkle. This material is suitable for similar bone products
OPP film: the material is hard and can not be stretched. The heat sealing type is very good, but the transparency is general, the material is brittle and the hand feel is poor
CPP Film: CPP material is less transparent than OPP, but better than PE. The material is soft and resistant to high temperature. It can be used as printing material, but it is not easy to print
common food packaging bags are generally composed of the above materials:
1. Material: BOPP /LLDPE two-layer composite
characteristics: moisture-proof, cold resistance and strong low-temperature heat sealing tension
purpose: instant noodles, snacks, frozen snacks, powder packaging, etc.
2. Material: BOPP /CPP two-layer composite
characteristics: moisture-proof, oil resistance, high transparency and good stiffness
purpose: instant noodles, biscuits, Candy, all kinds of light food
3. Material: BOPP /VMCPP composite
characteristics: moisture-proof, oil-resistant, oxygen-proof, shading, good stiffness
composite bag
purpose: all kinds of dry food, fried food, potato chips
4. Material: BOPP /VMPET /LLDPE three-layer composite
characteristics: moisture-proof, oxygen-proof, shading
purpose: all kinds of food, rice snacks, snacks, tea
5 Material: PET /CPP two-layer composite
characteristics: moisture-proof, oxygen isolation, fragrance preservation, high temperature resistance
purpose: cooking, alcoholic food, flavored food
6. Material: PET /PET /CPP three-layer composite
characteristics: moisture-proof, high temperature resistance, easy sealing
purpose: powder packaging, soy sauce, liquid, shampoo

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