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Performance and disadvantages of metal materials

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this topic is really too broad, because even if they belong to the same kind of materials, their properties are very different and their disadvantages are different. You should focus on this basis. For example, the most used metal materials in mechanical manufacturing are steel materials. You can write about the shortcomings of steel materials
most metal materials are crystalline materials at room temperature (mercury is liquid at room temperature). According to different crystal structures, they can be roughly divided into body centered cubic, face centered cubic and close packed hexagonal structures. Metal materials include all kinds of pure metals and their alloys. Metal materials have a wide variety, diverse properties and wide applications. However, the smelting cost of metal is high and the machining is complex
polymer materials generally refer to rubber and plastic materials. Polymer materials have poor conductivity, low yield strength and high temperature resistance
ceramic materials are materials other than metal materials and polymer materials, such as cement, glass, silicon nitride, etc. ceramic materials generally have the characteristics of high hardness and high temperature resistance. The biggest disadvantage should be brittleness
the solution is to use materials reasonably, and determine the corresponding materials according to the use environment and service conditions. However, composites can also be considered.

the question is too broad. Can you be more specific
otherwise, it can only be said that metal materials are less elastic than polymer materials, polymer materials are less resistant to high temperature than metal materials, and ceramic materials are less plastic than metal materials

ceramic materials – high hardness but high brittleness
polymer materials – not resistant to high temperature and easy to aging
metal materials – single performance and high cost
different composite materials can be selected according to the required performance

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