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Packaging engineering

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generally speaking, packaging engineering is the packaging of various physical objects. It is a specialty serving the logistics industry. The specific study is the information application of packaging materials, packaging machinery, packaging design and packaging. This major is a very traditional major with few new things. It is very difficult to make some achievements in this industry. Employment should not be too difficult, but the employment units will not be some large enterprises, mostly small enterprises. There are not many colleges and universities offering this major in China. Among the original seven or eight light industry colleges and printing colleges, Xi’an University of technology may be the best. If you haven’t chosen a major, don’t study it; If you have been admitted to this major, you’d better transfer to another major. The above is for reference only.

packaging engineering is a four-year undergraduate college of science and Engineering in the school of mechanical engineering and automation of Zhongbei University. The college consists of the Department of mechanical engineering, the Department of industrial engineering, the Department of process control, the Department of mechanical automation and the Department of industrial design

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