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Overview of TV packaging abroad

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TV channel packaging is to convey their brand personality to the society and the public, make them have a sense of identity and value, and win the affirmation of the public and the target group. Successful foreign TV channels have done this
concept identification system: clear positioning
channel concept identification system (MI) is the concept positioning of the purpose and spirit of TV media communication, which runs through various activities such as channel production, communication, operation and management. It includes the positioning, image and style of the channel. In the competitive environment of TV media with excessive communication and various channels, the comprehensive competitiveness of channels lies in highlighting the unique style of channels, shaping the brand image of channels and forming the influence of channels under the concept of such a channel, the BBC is posing as the creator of “soft power” and defender of values in Britain, and has become a good supplementary form of government publicity. The BBC’s public philosophy is not only based on slogans, but also runs through the packaging of its programs and channels
behavior recognition system: the host is the top priority
the activity performance of all people, objects or events related to the channel image belongs to the category of behavior recognition. More importantly, the performance of these activities is the way for the channel to show its ideas to the audience. The ideas are just slogans. To translate slogans into practice, they must be reflected by actions
the behavior identification of TV channels is reflected in the form of programs, hosts and publicity activities. Among them, the host, as the direct bridge between the channel and the audience, integrates sociality and interpersonal, which has become the top priority of the channel behavior recognition system. Many channels take cultivating famous brand hosts as an important strategy for channel packaging
in the United States, the host with brand value is often the logo of this column. For example, when Mike Wallace is mentioned, he will think of CBS’s “60 minutes”. What’s more, many TV columns are named after the host, and the host’s influence is used to create columns. For example, Jay Leno Tonight Show (NBC), Larry King Live (CNN), etc
visual identification system: coordination and unification
channel visual identification system is an important means and link to locate and strengthen the identification of the overall image of TV stations. It is an important strategy to establish TV brands. This system includes channel image signs, channel promotional films, channel slogans, channel colors and other components. The formation of a long-term stable, unified and persuasive visual identification system is the basic premise to ensure the consistency of channel brand image. On the basis of unification, some elements in the system can be updated regularly
taking discovery as an example, its channel logo and slogan have experienced a long-term evolution at the same time: since its launch in 1985, the channel logo has set the tone of the visual recognition system with the discovery letter and the blue earth logo, as well as the blue lines symbolizing the ocean and sky, and the original “explore your world” as the slogan. Then adjust the channel slogan to “nothing is better than discovery channel!” (they no thrill like discovery), and then changed to “entertaining your brain”. It was not until the fourth change of the logo in 2008 that the slogan was changed to “the world is just… Awesome”
therefore, TV channel packaging is the symbol of channel culture and the embodiment of channel cultural taste. First, it coordinates the rich and colorful programs of the channel and unifies them into an organic whole; Second, plan the overall image operation of the channel and raise it to the cultural concept of the channel. Formalization and homogenization
at present, many domestic TV channels tend to devote more energy to the form of expression, such as real shooting or combination of virtual and real, blue tone or yellow tone. As for its content, there is no due attention to the humanistic connotation that the content should contain. The effect of packaging gives people the feeling that it is gorgeous and insufficient
for example, when packaging, many channels use multiple stunts in order to simply pursue visual impact, excessively pursue surface luxury and create momentum, but they are repeatedly showing some scenes that have long been abused and have no personality. High rise buildings and bustling crowds are used to express the urban relevance; To show the beautiful scenery or heroic momentum, we use Canyon Sunset, mountains and rivers, and rivers surging; The performance of a beautiful life is a family of three, home life and so on. Domestic TV channel packaging has fallen into the quagmire of formalization and assimilation, and the road to innovation is still far away
lack of organic cooperation with editing and broadcasting
in TV channel brands, channel packaging and production only account for 20% of the whole packaging work, and the other 80% of the daily maintenance needs to be completed by the channel itself. However, many channels do not seem to pay attention to the daily maintenance, and even use some promotional films as a “Plaster” to fill the advertising gap. This is contrary to the original intention of packaging, but it is difficult to form an overall effect after spending money. Therefore, the cooperation between packaging and editing and broadcasting is very important. A good cooperation can add icing on the cake for the creation of brand effect
in terms of program arrangement, Hunan Satellite TV has made many beneficial attempts. In 2005, it took the lead in trying the program arrangement mode of “editing and broadcasting season” in China, adopting the “4 + 3” arrangement mode, that is, arranging quarterly programs every day from Monday to Thursday; Point long-term programs will be arranged from Friday to Sunday. At the same time, Hunan Satellite TV created a dual prime time program arrangement, arranging two brand programs respectively in prime time to compete for ratings with other satellite TV dramas, and then arranging a solo theater at 22:00. Such a program arrangement made Hunan Satellite TV obtain an absolute competitive advantage at that time, and has become a wind vane leading the entertainment of domestic TV industry since then
lack of integrity and continuity
all presentation links in the channel must be systematic and holistic, and all packaging should be carried out around the overall concept. The disharmony and even conflict of tone, image, style and other elements will inevitably lead to the confusion of the audience’s visual system. How can we give the audience a relatively lasting and vivid brand impression
in addition, the continuity of channel packaging is also crucial in brand growth. The example of discovery mentioned above shows the consistency and consistency of its channel positioning, platform logo, slogan, promotional film and other basic elements over the past 20 years. The problem faced by domestic channels is that the channel packaging is outsourced to companies, and the frequent replacement of channel packaging companies makes the continuity and overall consistency of channel brand growth a luxury, and the overall image of the channel is fragmented
in terms of the consistency of domestic channel packaging, take Hunan Satellite TV as an example. Its channel packaging is changed every year, from the theme of “Olympic Games” in 2008, to “confidence” in 2009, to the core word “starting” in 2010, and “awesome” in 2011. It can be seen that the packaging of Hunan Satellite TV has maintained a high degree of consistency in concept, style, elements and color system, which has not caused the audience to jump visually and psychologically, but the annual improvement can also make the audience intuitively feel the growth of the channel brand
channel brand packaging: the breakthrough technology of provincial satellite TV
at present, the competition among nearly 50 star channels in China is becoming more and more intense. Facing the incentive competition in the TV market, the provincial satellite TV wants to get rid of the limitations of regionalization, tap the positioning gap and create channel culture, which is mainly reflected in the acceleration of the pace of revision
the satellite TV channels with large revision in 2011 include: Chongqing satellite TV taking the red route; Henan satellite TV, which is positioned as “cultural satellite TV and combining Taoism with music”; Sichuan satellite TV, which advocates “great love”, is positioned as “China love”; Gansu satellite TV, which is positioned as “life” satellite TV, and Guizhou satellite TV, which has just announced its revision and wants to create an “apple” symbol. Among them, Gansu satellite TV, whose channel packaging has changed subversively, has become the highlight of many newly revised channels
Gansu satellite TV revised its edition on New Year’s day in 2011 with the purpose of “shaping a healthy lifestyle, leading the fashion trend of life, serving the people’s economic life and advocating a positive attitude towards life”. Take “better life” as the core slogan of the channel, and derive secondary advertisements such as “health, better life”, “food, better life” and “discovery, better life”. It is applied to different promotional films, adjusted and extended according to the needs of time periods and columns, introduced these concepts in a planned, phased and progressive manner, deepened step by step, and showed the audience the multifarious and all inclusive concept of “big life”
as Gansu satellite TV’s lifestyle type positioning, channel keywords directly reflect the channel concept of thinking and pursuing a better life. Dream, freedom, growth, challenge, green, hope, love and other key words are positive. Around the core vocabulary of “better life”, it shows the brand positioning and beautiful image of Gansu satellite TV channel after the revision
the revised Gansu satellite TV, focusing on the channel concept of “lifestyle”, not only improves the quality of TV programs, but also makes every effort to create a channel image with unique personality and charm, effectively avoids the homogeneous competition among provincial satellite TV, forms dislocation competition with the life channels of terrestrial stations, and is closer to the mainstream consumer groups. Since the revision for half a year, the ratings of Gansu satellite TV have been constantly refreshed, and have achieved high popularity and good response among the audience. The adoption of branded channel packaging strategy has become the breakthrough technology of provincial satellite TV in stimulating competition

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