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Method of making flower mounting bag with fresh-keeping bag

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if it’s mounting cream, it’s not a big problem. It’s no good if it’s harder. Moreover, the flower mounting bags are triangular. The special preservation bag will not be designed into a triangle. It can be used repeatedly by buying a cloth bag. Specific steps: fold the fresh-keeping bag according to the red line, cut a corner according to the blue line, put the flower mounting mouth into the corner, and finally put cream

friends with warm hands may defoamer and melt the fillers containing cream, butter, protein cream and whole egg cream when using the flower mounting bag, so it is recommended to use cotton gloves
if the top of the cupcake is not flat, such as high on one side and low on the other, and obvious arching in the middle, you can cut off the uneven part with a knife before mounting
when the room temperature is low, the cookie dough may be difficult to squeeze. At this time, wrap the flower mounting bag containing the cookie dough with a towel and blow it away with the hot air of the hair dryer for a while
expansion materials: the flower mounting bag is one of the tools for making western pastry. It is used for making cookies, cake, flower mounting, etc. A kind of bag used in the cake room to make decorative flowers on the cake. It is mostly made of plastic, cotton and silica gel. A bag shaped like a triangle. Cut a hole on the front tip, then install the flower mounting mouth, and then put in fresh cream to mount flowers and squeeze cookies.

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