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McDonald’s responded that the packaging meets the safety standards. Will you still eat McDonald’s?

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(I) McDonald’s responded that pfass and other carcinogens were detected in the previous product quality test. McDonald’s official responded on August 10. Previously, pfass and other carcinogens were detected in McDonald’s American product packaging. Said it was not mixed with this substance in China’s product packaging. For McDonald’s response, many netizens said they would never buy McDonald’s again, and some netizens said they had no melon with me. For McDonald’s response, Chinese netizens had different views. After all, this time McDonald’s said that its product packaging in China is in line with food safety regulations, so it is reasonable for some netizens to say that they will continue to buy McDonald’s. McDonald’s, as a brand with many chain stores in China, has a deep cultural image in the hearts of the public, so any negative news will have a great impact

(II) is McDonald’s pfass carcinogen only on the packaging of products in the United States?

McDonald’s official response to the detection of pfass is not in China. In fact, it also shows that it was detected in the United States and only responded in China. Therefore, it does not mean that there are no in other parts of the world. Of course, Chinese citizens who have previously used McDonald’s product packaging can rest assured, but the detection of carcinogens in McDonald’s this time is not a small matter. Although it has responded, it is not certain where the guidance of public opinion is biased. Even melon eaters who do not know the truth think that all McDonald’s product packaging contains carcinogens


(III) whether there are carcinogens or not, eating fast food for a long time is harmful to human body

although fast food brings convenience to our life, most of fast food are processed ready to eat products, which need to add preservatives and other additives during storage, Although China’s food safety regulations allow the addition of food additives, long-term use still has a certain impact on the human body

before the national inspection agency makes a safety test on McDonald’s packaging, you won’t feel at ease to eat. You can’t just look at McDonald’s own response that pfass is not added to the food packaging materials.

seldom eat McDonald’s. to be honest, forget the packaging. Chinese food is so rich and colorful. Where can hamburgers replace it? I think it’s better to eat more fresh and delicious food.

I should still go to McDonald’s. although the packaging meets the safety standards, I may not order takeout in the future. I may eat more in stores and pack less as far as possible.

if you don’t eat, is McDonald’s still eating less? Once or twice, anyone’s patience is limited, isn’t it? McDonald’s has lost its integrity. No wonder people don’t trust McDonald’s.

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