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Mao Chuanfu’s life

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dashanhe group company led by Mao Chuanfu attaches great importance to scientific and technological innovation, organizes production and sales according to the requirements of GMP (good practice), and ensures and continuously improves the quality of products. Under the principle of “natural breeding, storage and transportation”, all varieties of food should be developed and sold according to the principle of “health care, storage and transportation” of the world, and attention should be paid to the principle of “healthy production and transportation”. The company has built world-class plants and equipment, including temperature and humidity control workshop, high-standard food processing workshop, world-class electrostatic sorting and wind sorting machine, computer multi head automatic weighing and packaging machine, vacuum packaging machine, microwave drying and sterilization machine, etc. The company also continues to innovate its processing technology, and its microwave drying and sterilization technology has been approved by FDA. The company has established 10 production bases in different latitudes across the country, spanning more than 30 latitudes, implementing “migratory bird” management and making effective use of local resources and climate conditions. The company actively promotes the cultivation of excellent strains, and cooperates with Zhejiang edible fungi science and technology innovation center to develop an excellent strain with thick meat, less impurities and good taste – “Xinke No. 1” of single fungus. It has been successfully popularized in Zhejiang, Hubei and Henan. The mushroom produced by the company in Qingyuan, China mushroom city, the birthplace of the group, was approved by the State Administration for commodity inspection to use the logo of “products of original origin of the people’s Republic of China” for the first time. For the farmers contacted, the company helps them implement standardized production and requires farmers to organize production and processing in strict accordance with the Qingyuan mushroom series standards. For those farmers whose production operation and hygiene standards fail to meet the standards, they will be delisted and cancelled, and all industries will be brought under artificial control
after 10 years of hard work, Mao Chuanfu’s dashanhe company has developed from a small enterprise into a group company integrating science, agriculture, industry and trade with assets of more than 100 million yuan. According to reports, in terms of production and sales, the company has achieved: pollution-free standardized production ranks first in China; Carry out organic certification of edible fungi, ranking first in China; Finishing facilities and quality standards (formulated according to European, American and Japanese quality standards) rank first in the same industry; It has obtained HACCP, ISO9001 and BRC certification required by end customers at home and abroad; Operating more than 100 varieties, the largest in the same industry; The export volume of dried mushrooms ranked first in China for five consecutive years, and 2500 tons of dried mushrooms were exported in 2004; By the end of 2004, it had more than 500 customers in more than 60 countries and regions in the world; It is the first in the industry to enter Wal Mart’s global procurement system and become an overseas supplier of “Nisheng Association”; The sales volume of similar products in domestic super large supermarkets ranks first; The company’s industrialized operation of “company + base + farmers” has driven 26000 farmers to get rich, lifted 7 counties out of poverty and increased the income of more than 10 million mushroom farmers. The total number of rich farmers ranks first in the edible fungus industry; Adhering to the principle of reputation and service first, we took the lead in implementing the global product quality insurance and product recall mechanism in the same industry in China
dashanhe group company founded by Mao Chuanfu has achieved remarkable economic and social benefits. Since 1996, the company has been rated as “AAA enterprise” by Zhejiang branch of Bank of China every year, awarded as “China’s best credit enterprise” in 2003, rated as “national key leading enterprise of agricultural industrialization” by eight central ministries and commissions in 2004, and rated as “the most influential enterprise in China’s edible fungi industry” in the same year. The “Dashan brand”, “dashanhe brand” and “Shenlong brand” owned by the group company enjoy a high reputation all over the world. Some counties that got rid of poverty due to the help of dashanhe company were very grateful to the company, and some county cadres praised Mao Chuanfu, the boss of the company, as a “lucky star”. In the selection activity of “Shanghai Agricultural Science and technology innovator and Excellent Entrepreneur Award” held by Shanghai Invention Association in 2005, Mao Chuanfu was rated as “Shanghai Agricultural Science and technology innovation excellent entrepreneur”

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