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Low price; General packaging; The 50 year old factory of Baijiu production “how to develop a blank market” brother to give a trick?

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crack the three problems in blank market development 2006-12-02 20:48 crack the blank crack the three problems in blank market development

problem 1: market development has been unsuccessful repeatedly
Case: in recent years, X food company has been in the limelight in Henan. Its GH series instant noodles are not only exported to more than a dozen surrounding provinces and cities, but also rated as a famous brand product in Henan Province in 2005. It has made great progress all the way in Henan, Destroying the city and pulling out the stronghold has attracted the attention of many industry rivals. However, when it quickly seized most of the “version soil” in Henan, its market development in the three blank areas of Jiaozuo, Anyang and Puyang in Northern Henan has been “hit by a wall” many times. Although batch after batch of marketing “Heroes” have been “sacrificed”, these areas and markets are still like the door of Alibaba and are always difficult to open, This has become a permanent pain in the hearts of almost all marketing personnel of X company

crack method: the reason why many enterprises often “shut the door” in some regional market development is actually related to the misunderstanding of these enterprises in the early stage of market research, product positioning, ways of entering the market and so on. The author believes that the so-called successful development of a market is to select the right people, determine the right time, select the right market, use the right products, and take the right way to finally find a suitable dealer

1. The right person and the right time: to a large extent, the reason why many enterprises fail to develop successfully in some markets is closely related to the improper personnel selected, that is, they do not select the personnel who are really suitable for developing the market. For example, if you choose marketers who are suitable for “guarding” the market to develop the market, you don’t send those aggressive and good at developing new markets quickly and effectively. However, if you can’t develop the market well after selecting the right marketers, you should consider whether you have chosen to develop the market at an appropriate time. Taking enterprise X in the case as an example, the author believes that as a convenience food, the favorable time to really develop the market is one month before the peak season or in the peak sales season, when the success rate of developing the market is often high, It is inappropriate to say that the off-season is the best time to develop the market. The off-season is just the best “war” opportunity for the market, but it is by no means the best time to develop the market. Secondly, for the blank market that has been operated, the market resources have been damaged to some extent and has not been replied, it is necessary to give up the strategy in time and wait for a cooling period of time before opening it

2. Suitable market and products: China’s regional consumption varies greatly. The so-called “sweet in the South and salty in the north, spicy in the East and sour in the west” means that. Therefore, taking products from the northern market to develop Southern markets such as Guangdong and Guangxi will certainly not work due to different tastes. In other words, the development of the market must be combined with the actual situation of the enterprise. It is necessary to launch some products suitable for regional consumption to open some marketable regional markets. The idea of “opening” the world with one product is tantamount to “nonsense”. Secondly, the product positioning and product strategic layout of an enterprise also affect the success or failure of market development. For example, Taking a high-end product to develop a region or market with low consumption level is a dislocation in the choice between the market and enterprises. Only when the appropriate product is placed in the right place can the “seed” of the new market “take root and grow

3. The right way, the right dealer: the marketer’s failure to adopt the best way to impress the customer is sometimes a key reason why the blank market cannot be developed. For example, the marketer’s lack of negotiation skills, insufficient control of the on-site atmosphere or heat, and failure to really insight into the real needs of the customer may lead to the breakdown or inability to continue the negotiation. The appropriate way is: first, find and meet the potential needs of customers. For example, if a customer wants to know how to quickly distribute goods and occupy the market, he needs to tell him the marketing strategy, price strategy, promotion strategy, incentive strategy, service strategy, communication strategy, etc., so that he can look forward to and look forward to the future, so as to move his heartstrings and urge him to sign a contract quickly. Second, skillfully and reasonably eliminate customer objections. For example, as long as the above contents can be reasonably answered, the doubts of customers can be basically relieved and the success of cooperation can be promoted. The appropriate dealers refer to the “matching” and equal dealers. For example, try to find dealers selling similar products, small enterprises try not to find large dealers, not speculative dealers, etc. Only by adopting appropriate methods and selecting appropriate dealers can manufacturers cooperate happily and lasting, so as to share a common hatred and expand the market together

problem 2: successful development without sales

Case: y food enterprise is a medium-sized beverage manufacturer mainly producing carbonated acid, fruit juice and tea drinks. In July 2005, in order to meet the peak sales season of the Mid Autumn Festival, the company organized people to develop eight Prefecture Level markets one after another, but surprisingly, 50% of the newly developed markets did not follow for several consecutive months after entering the first vehicle, Not to mention the resilience of the market. It costs so much to develop the market, but after it is developed, there is no sales volume, which makes the leaders of the enterprise wonder what happened to the market
2. Suit the medicine to the case: that is, take strong medicine to the case according to the “root cause” of the above diagnosis. First of all, for product problems, we should make a quick decision and come up with treatment opinions. For example, if the products are not marketable, they should be replaced or handled locally as soon as possible, and some strategic regional products should be launched in time to make the personalized product packaging or taste more suitable for the local consumer demand. Secondly, in view of the slow flow rate or poor circulation of products caused by promotion, we can strengthen promotion, change promotion methods, and use serial promotion to accelerate the flow of products, so that products can quickly enter a virtuous circle. Finally, for the situation of weak terminal pull, we can take advertising pull, adjust prices, discount or buy gifts, or adopt “experience marketing”, that is, free tasting, trial, on-site sales and other methods to expand the awareness of products. At the same time, we should also pay attention to and strengthen the channel and terminal construction of products, do a good job in product display and display, and constantly strengthen the service of product distribution and terminal tally, Extend the added value of products and so on

through the effective use of the above means, manufacturers can improve the core competitiveness of products and channel promotion, and realize the real “dynamic sales” of the market by increasing product resilience and improving service quality

puzzle three: sales volume but no profit

case: C wine company is a famous brand product with medium and low grade products, but in recent years, with the white hot competition of the Baijiu market and the rising price of upstream raw materials, especially the related freight and so on, the market operation space and the profit of the company have been shrinking. In 2005, 80% of the nearly 50 markets developed by the enterprise were not profitable, and even 50% of the markets were “losing money and shouting”. The enterprise really entered a “bottleneck” period and confusion period of market expansion. The market has been developed and can be operated without profit. Is there any value in such a market? How long can such a unprofitable market “flag” last

crack method: there are three ways to measure the performance and value of a market: one is the growth rate; Second, profitability; Third, asset efficiency. Therefore, from this perspective, market growth rate alone is not enough. According to the development stage of the market, a market with certain profitability and benign development of asset efficiency is an excellent and effective market

1. Adjust the product structure: in fact, the poor performance of many enterprises’ products in the market is closely related to the market positioning of enterprises. When many enterprises enter the market, in order to quickly occupy the market, they often bombard competitive products with low-end products. By the time they occupy the market, the market has become “addicted” and highly dependent on these products. In this case, The market is often fragile. Once a strong enemy invades, because the product has no operation space, it may soon be “hit hard” or even “defeated thousands of miles”. The way to improve is to introduce medium and high-end products at the right time and give products different missions, such as strategic offensive products, profit products and image products, so as to enhance the anti risk ability of the market by adjusting the product structure

2. Cost sharing by scale: in the early development and start-up of the blank market, the profit is often not


the first. Therefore, we can take advantage of the good momentum of the early development of the blank market, take advantage of and build momentum, so as to set off a sales climax, and achieve the purpose of cost sharing by scale through rapid market increment and volume. In the end, although we fail to achieve the purpose of maximizing profit, However, by reducing the cost rate, it can also increase efficiency

3. Operation by channels and items: sometimes it is difficult to persuade a customer who is a low-end product to sell medium and high-end products. Therefore, in this case, the operation of the market by channels and items, that is, by opening up a second battlefield, is not only conducive to the intensive cultivation of the market, but also can make up for the congenital deficiencies of the market. It is an effective means to enhance market profitability and improve asset efficiency, We can appreciate some of the mysteries from the typical cases of successful market operation of many large brands and enterprises in recent years.

Please add some information
for example, where is the factory? How was the local response

liquor products are highly regional, and it is difficult to expand the market without strong strength support.

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