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Is there a master who repairs the sterilized tableware packaging machine?

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1. Warm up before starting up every morning and check whether the display of each temperature control meter is normal. I specialize in the production of tableware packaging machine and chopstick packaging machine, including on-site maintenance, telephone communication, after-sales, tableware packaging machine accessories, etc.
2. Check whether the cone sleeve at the installation of packaging film is loose (if it is loose, it will lead to film deviation) and whether the balance adjusting rod mismoves (if it is not parallel, it will lead to film deviation)
3. After the temperature of the machine meets the set temperature, loosen the handle of the rubber roller and paper feeding roller, let the machine idle for 5-10 minutes, and check whether there are abnormalities in all operating parts. If there is no abnormality, carry out production again.

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is there a master in Xi’an who repairs the tableware packing machine

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