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Is the major of packaging design good for employment

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at the beginning of employment in the major of packaging, I think there are the following types of Companies:
the first is the printing and packaging enterprise, which is typical of printing factory, Paperboard Factory, etc. As mentioned above, the threshold is low, but it is at the bottom of the food chain, so the salary will not be high, and it is also hard. The main work to be done is either the printing press commander, or the structural design and quality inspection of the design department. But the factory is a very training place. If you have a heart, you can learn a lot in the factory. But if you expect to get a high salary in the factory by growing up, this is more difficult
the second is some manufacturing private enterprises, but because packaging is only a small part of it, most companies will not set up such a position, which is usually engaged in product development
the third is some third-party testing companies, such as its and SGS. Their laboratories also need people in this field, but this number will not be too large
finally, foreign enterprises at the top of the food chain. Because the supply chain of multinational enterprises is very long, foreign enterprises still attach great importance to packaging. Most foreign enterprises will have corresponding job settings. But this requirement will be higher. You need to understand the packaging requirements of the supply chain, implement these requirements, and constantly improve efficiency. Generally, fresh students will not be recruited directly, and 2-3 years of relevant working experience is the least. For the time being, among so many industries mentioned here, I have seen the best welfare treatment for foreign enterprises.

it’s good at present, but I don’t know whether you are a freshman or a senior.

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