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Innovation of vacuum packaging machine

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the machinery industry is combined with the adjustment of industrial structure. Through the reduction of product consumption, optimization of structure, improvement of variety, improvement of quality and enhancement of competitiveness, the purpose is to meet the needs of building a well-off society in an all-round way. The development of the market requires the development of vacuum packaging machines to be reformed and improve the appearance of products, but there is basically no significant improvement in terms of technical content, This may be related to the lack of technicians in this area. How to improve the technical content and management level of products has become an urgent problem for vacuum acquisition equipment manufacturers in Zhejiang
for a long time, China’s vacuum packaging industry has been developing slowly, which restricts many industries from going to the world market, because product packaging is the first visual system eye for enterprises to attract customers. Facing the characteristics of the vacuum packaging machine industry, the industry needs a long-term planning. Facing the arrival of the financial crisis, it needs more stable planning on how to carry out sustainable development in the next step, so it can’t survive and lose its reason, It will lead to malicious competition within the industry, which will not only restrict the development of the packaging industry, but also affect domestic enterprises and industries to move towards the international market, such as food industry and electrical products industry. And so on, we need high-quality vacuum packaging machines to package the best packaging for these industries. These products can be found by customers at the first sight in the international market, and can leave a profound impact under the guidance of the visual system, so as to reflect the brand of the enterprise
I. the whole machine does not work:
a. the voltage is too low and the fuse is blown out
B. the travel switch is misaligned
C. the pump or motor is stuck
D. the plug-in of the vacuum delay device is loose or damaged
use the voltage regulator and replace the fuse
adjust the position of the travel switch
find out the cause of the fault respectively, plug in the delay device or replace
II The vacuum degree cannot be pumped up:
a. the vacuum pump reverses
B. the vacuum solenoid valve does not work
C. whether the vacuum pump oil is sufficient or needs to be replaced
Troubleshooting: adjust any two of the motor phase lines
check the control circuit of the valve, repair or replace the solenoid valve
III Poor sealing quality:
a. the sealing voltage selection switch is not opened or damaged
B. the sealing voltage fluctuates or the voltage is improperly selected
C. poor contact at the line connection
D. the sealing time is too long or too short
e. the sealing airbag is leaking or damaged
F. whether the sealing solenoid valve works normally
g. silica gel strip Whether the high temperature cloth is flat
turn the selection switch to the appropriate position or repair the switch
eliminate voltage fluctuation factors, select the appropriate sealing voltage
repair and tighten
adjust the sealing time
repair or replace the airbag
repair or replace the solenoid valve
repair or replace the silicone strip or high temperature cloth
IV The vacuum cover cannot be opened
a. the delayer plug-in is damaged or moved
B. the bleeder solenoid valve does not work
replace the plug-in or delayer
check the control circuit and repair or replace the solenoid valve
v. do not turn to the next program after vacuumizing
the delayer is damaged or the delayer of the next program is loose or damaged
Troubleshooting: repair or replace the delayer
VI Do not turn to the next procedure after sealing:
the sealing delayer is damaged or the delayer in the next procedure is loose or damaged
repair or replace the delayer (troubleshooting)
the vacuum chamber cannot be opened after cooling:
the cooling delayer is damaged or the solenoid valve does not work
repair and replace the delayer and solenoid valve (troubleshooting)

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