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I have a box of rice noodles at home. Can I eat it after two years?

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look at the production date and shelf life on the package. If you can eat it within the shelf life, don’t eat it after the shelf life. Don’t lose money for health. The shelf life of convenience food is generally half a year, up to one year. Two years must be past the shelf life.

don’t eat it. Even rice flour packaged in vacuum has a shelf life of one year, which will not exceed one and a half years at most. The shelf life of other types of packaging is shorter.

although it is not recommended to eat, it should not be a problem if the storage environment is OK and there is no moisture or moth eaten. In the past, Chen wheat has been used for many years and can be eaten after washing.

if it is well preserved, there is no mildew., You can try some. If there is any peculiar smell, dispose of it!


it depends on the effect of your storage. If the storage effect is good, the rice is not moldy and the color is as bright as before. It can be eaten. The nutrition can be worse and there will be no problem.

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