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How to write the slogan of selling tea in the circle of friends?

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1. Fresh and natural, good taste, fragrant Yuchun tea; The tea is fragrant and thick, with good taste. It is fragrant Chongqing spring tea

2, “Chongqing” is fragrant for a long time, and it is always spring all the year round

The public’s attitude of answering questions rose, and the public’s attitude rose


4. Laurel and autumn are not as beautiful as tea; He Laiyu Qiongjiang, fragrant Yuchun in the cup

5. A cup of tea, a touch of fragrance. A fragrance from nature

6. Healthy taste, Tianhong Pu’er tea

7. Tianhong Pu’er tea is happy and contented

8. Tianyang’s reputation, the way of tea, and Tianhong Pu’er

9. Created by Tianhong, Pu’er fragrance

10. Taste mellow Pu’er and come to Tianhong tea house

11. Drink Tianhong Pu’er and enjoy a healthy life

12. Drink Pu’er and find Tianhong. Awesome

13. Tianhong Pu’er is popular all over Pu’er

14. Pu’er, your cup of tea

15. History of tea tasting, carry forward the past and forge ahead into the future

16. Tianhong Pu’er tea is fragrant with birds and flowers

17. Tianhong Pu’er tea — a good Pu’er tea that is not difficult for people to adjust

18. The choice of bosom friend — Tianhong Pu’er tea

19. Pu’er is the best tea in the world

20. Enjoy Tianhong Pu’er and enjoy a comfortable life

21. One Pu’er a day, healthy every day

22. Taste Millennium Pu’er, Tianhong, just for this moment

23. The taste of first love lies in Tianhong Pu’er tea

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