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How to write the communication letter?

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Hello, I’m glad to answer for you:
1 Writing method of letter
letter, that is, letter, or letter. Official letter refers to the letter used for handling official business. Official letter is a style used in the negotiation and contact between Party and government organs, people’s organizations, enterprises and institutions
official letters are widely used. They can be used when parallel organs or non subordinate organs contact and work, and when superior and subordinate organs contact, inquire and reply to work
according to the content and nature, official letters can be divided into many types, such as: negotiation letters for negotiation, inquiry letters for inquiry, reply letters for reply, entrustment letters for entrustment, etc
the structure of an official letter is generally composed of three parts: title, body and signature:
(1) Title
the title of an official letter usually includes the issuing authority, subject matter and language category (letter). Sometimes the issuing authority can be omitted, but the subject matter and language category cannot be omitted
(2) main body
at the beginning of the main body, write the receiving unit, then write the reason for sending the letter and contact matters in another paragraph. Finally, generally put forward specific requirements with words such as “request for research and reply” and “request for assistance”, and end the main body

(3) signature
author’s name, date and official seal
the writing requirements of the official letter are: one letter for one thing, the language is standardized and clear, and the tone meets the content requirements.

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(Chinese Pinyin) communication letter
address: the other company address: our company address telephone: the other company telephone: our company telephone fax: the other company fax: our company fax postcode: the other company postcode: our company postcode
****** Co., Ltd.:


best regards

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