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How to vacuum package

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 Hello, dear, do the following 

 first, determine the attributes of the items that need vacuum packaging

 because the difference between dry and wet matter lies in whether there is juice. For example, coarse grains are dry matter. When vacuumizing, try to clean the air. Kimchi and the like are wet things. When vacuumizing, you need to keep the juice as much as possible, so as not to affect the flavor of the food. The principle of wet matter vacuum pumping is that when water vapor contacts the machine, the machine will stop vacuum and seal automatically

 operation steps of using vacuum machine to complete food packaging: 

 power on 

 put the food to be vacuumized into the bag, and put the bag mouth into the vacuum chamber 

 turn left | turn right 

 the food should not exceed three-quarters of the bag and smooth the mouth of the bag 

4.  Close the cover 

5. Lock the latch 

6. Select "dry" 

7. Click "vacuum sealing" 

8.  Auto jump to "seal" 

9.  Open knob latch 

10. Open the lid and complete 

22 more

vacuum packaging bags are divided into ordinary smooth and textured vacuum packaging bags, both of which are pumped by vacuum machine. According to different types of food, set the appropriate vacuum time. Then, according to the material and thickness of the packaging bag, select the sealing temperature and time, and finally arrange the packaging bag to be evacuated on the sealing strip of the vacuum machine to complete evacuation and sealing
1. Select vacuum packaging bags
general vacuum packaging bags include ordinary smooth vacuum packaging bags and textured vacuum packaging bags. Both kinds of bags use vacuum machines to extract air. For ordinary smooth surface, the vacuum machine with suction nozzle shall be selected. Textured bags can be used with empty slots. There are also large vacuum machines. Both kinds of bags can be used
2. Setting time and temperature
according to the vacuum requirements of different foods, set the vacuum pumping time, generally 20 ~ 30 seconds. The longer the time, the higher the vacuum. Adjust the sealing temperature and time according to the material and thickness of the vacuum packaging bag. The temperature and time can be tested before packaging. Generally, the temperature is adjusted in gear 2 ~ 3 for 3 ~ 4 seconds
3. Vacuumize
arrange the packed food bags neatly on the sealing strip of the machine. When vacuum is required for packaging, close the vacuum chamber. The vacuum, sealing and printing of the whole food are completed at one time by the electrical automatic program. After vacuum packaging, the air in the bag is scarce and the oxygen content is low, which inhibits the survival of microorganisms and has a good fresh-keeping effect.

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