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How to vacuum a vacuum bag

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unscrew the cover of the compression bag. Fold the clothes and start from the four corners. If the corners are empty, a lot of space will be wasted
fill the four corners and then put them in the middle. After everything is done, seal it with a tablet. This step is necessary, otherwise it will leak. You can step on it to see if it leaks
there is a circle of thread on the manual vacuum pump. Screw it up. Its main function is to remove oxygen, prevent food oxidation and inflate
1. The main function is to remove oxygen. In fact, the preservation principle of vacuum packaging machine is not complicated. A more important step is to remove oxygen from packaged products. Only the oxygen in the packaging bag and food is pumped out, and then the packaging is sealed to prevent air from entering, so that oxidation will not occur, so as to achieve the effect of fresh preservation. The use and application of vacuum packaging machine help to prevent food corruption. Its principle shows that food mildew is mainly caused by the activities of microorganisms, and most microorganisms need oxygen for survival. Vacuum packaging uses this principle to extract oxygen from packaging bags and food cells, resulting in the loss of living environment for microorganisms. Vacuum packaging can not inhibit food corruption and discoloration caused by anaerobic bacteria reproduction and enzyme reaction, so it needs to be combined with other auxiliary methods, such as cold storage, quick freezing, dehydration, high temperature sterilization, irradiation sterilization, microwave sterilization, salt pickling, etc
2. Prevent food oxidation. Because oil and fatty foods contain a lot of unsaturated fatty acids, they are oxidized under the action of oxygen, which makes the food taste bad. In addition, oxidation will also lead to the loss of vitamin A and vitamin C. unstable substances in food pigments will be affected by oxygen, which will darken the color. Therefore, deoxidation can effectively prevent food deterioration and maintain its color, flavor, taste and nutritional value
3. Inflation. The main function of vacuum inflatable packaging is not only to remove oxygen and ensure quality, but also to resist pressure, block gas and keep fresh. It can effectively maintain the original color, flavor, taste, shape and nutritional value of food for a long time. In addition, many foods should not be vacuum packed, but must be vacuum packed. For example, crisp and fragile food, caking food, deformable degreasing food, food with sharp edges or high hardness, which will pierce the packaging bag, etc. After the food is vacuum inflated by the food vacuum packaging machine, the inflation pressure in the packaging bag is greater than the atmospheric pressure outside the packaging bag, which can effectively prevent the food from being extruded and deformed under pressure, does not affect the appearance and printing decoration of the packaging bag, and is only for reference

there are two kinds of general vacuum packaging bags: ordinary smooth vacuum packaging bag and textured vacuum packaging bag. Both kinds of bags use vacuum machines to extract air. For ordinary smooth surface, the vacuum machine with suction nozzle shall be selected. Textured bags can be used with empty slots. There are also large vacuum machines. Both kinds of bags can be used
according to the vacuum requirements of different foods, the vacuum pumping time is generally set at 20 ~ 30 seconds. The longer the time, the higher the vacuum. Adjust the sealing temperature and time according to the material and thickness of the vacuum packaging bag. The temperature and time can be tested before packaging. Generally, the temperature is adjusted in gear 2 ~ 3 for 3 ~ 4 seconds
arrange the packed food bags neatly on the sealing strip of the machine. When the packaging needs vacuum, close the vacuum chamber, and the vacuum, sealing and printing of the whole food are completed at one time by the electrical automatic program. After vacuum packaging, the air in the bag is scarce and the oxygen content is low, which inhibits the survival of microorganisms and has a good fresh-keeping effect.

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