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How to use the capsule coffee machine? If I want to buy it, I’m afraid I can’t use it. I’m stupid enough

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preparation materials: capsule coffee machine, a coffee capsule 1. Take down the small kettle on the right from the bottom of the kettle, fill it with clean water and put the coffee machine on the card. 2、 Turn on the power cord, and you can see that the indicator light is on at the top of the power start key. 3、 See the semicircle in the front half of the coffee machine, hold the front end and gently pull it up. 4、 Pull up the pole to 90 degrees and a small hole appears in the front of the coffee machine. 5、 Put the capsule into the coffee machine and fold the large part with adhesive tape in half. 6、 When the stainless steel rod is put down, the device inside will automatically unpack the capsule. 7、 Press the two small round buttons on the side of the power switch. The large one represents the large cup and the small one represents the small cup. 8、 Coffee began to pour into the cup in 10 seconds.

it shouldn’t be so troublesome. I use dr.drinks. I directly use the electric water dispenser. I turn it off and on as soon as I turn it on. After I finish the drink, the capsule has no problem in the machine all day. I can just give out a glass of water before use. I still can’t understand why such a complex process is needed

power on

add water


put the capsule

put the cup

press the water button

I use dr.drinks. If Dolce gusto is used, a blending file needs to be added

1. Add water: first remove the water tank, open the water tank cover and add water. Note: add up to 1700ml of water, then close the water tank cover and put the water tank back in place
2. Put the coffee capsule: open the handle, put the coffee capsule into the brewing room, and then close the handle
3. Connect the power cord: before connecting the power cord, ensure that the switch is in the “0” position
4. Making: place the cup on the ponding box and press the coffee out button to enjoy a cup of coffee with overflowing aroma
turn the power switch of the capsule coffee machine to the “1” position, the power indicator light is on, and the coffee machine is heated. After about a minute, when the heating indicator light is on, put the coffee cup on the cover of the ponding box, and then you can make coffee.

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