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How to test the sealing performance of packaging bags

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How to test the sealing performance of packaging bags and what instruments and equipment are needed? Where is better

1. Check the appearance of plastic bags. Visually check whether the plastic packaging bag has obvious scratches, pinholes, printing pollution and whether the seal is firmly bonded
2. Check the plastic bag for cracks and pinholes. For leakage inspection, it is generally recommended that the customer carry out the dye penetration method. The process is to add the colored bag surface active agent into the plastic packaging bag, square the bag body onto the filter paper, observe whether the filter paper is polluted by colored liquid after 5-10 minutes, and then turn the bag over for inspection if there is no pollution
3. Check the wear resistance. Generally, the bag body drop method is used for the wear resistance test, and the plastic packaging bag is put to a certain height for the drop test, which is determined according to the size and weight of the bag body
4. Check the sealing strength. The tightness of a plastic packaging bag is the key to whether the plastic bag is qualified or not. It is also the key to the quality of plastic bags. Check the strength of the seal, generally check the contents of the plastic packaging bag. Or use a flat ruler to squeeze and slide the seal. See if there will be tears at the seal
5. Compression resistance of plastic packaging bags. Use the heavy object extrusion method to test. Put the plastic packaging bag on the desktop and add heavy objects for extrusion. If it lasts for 3-10 minutes, the product is qualified
when using plastic bags, many friends often take them and use them. They don’t check the quality of the bags at all. In this way, once we encounter product quality problems, it will add trouble to us anyway. Therefore, before use, check whether the packaging bag is qualified according to the above method! More ways to pay attention to Shaanxi Tianyan packaging

try pressing the bag to see if there is air leakage.

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