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How to remove the production date on the plastic bag

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is hot pressing, that is, the font is heated, the packaging bag is pressed out of the word pattern, and a layer of high-temperature non stick cloth is added between the mold and the bag. It can be made into automatic equipment or semi-automatic equipment, which means that the temperature, pressure and pressing time must be controlled by the machine, the positioning and conveying controlled by the machine is automatic, and the operation by people is semi-automatic. In addition, if your original sealing machine is automatic, you can consider refitting it. Our company can do all this. If you need help, you can leave a message.

1. The code printer needs a font and a carbon ribbon, which is relatively easy to fall off and has an indentation at the date
2. Inkjet printer directly depends on ink spraying. The dot matrix date you see is generally this, and the date is flat. Generally, it is not resistant to organic solvent wiping. Generally, the cost of ink is high
3. Laser engraving is commonly used for base materials such as cartons and plastic containers. The date is directly engraved on the surface of the material, which is not easy to be imitated
4. Hot embossing, no ink. It is common in the sealing end of some foods. While sealing is realized by sealing thermal pressure, the text on the thermal seal is printed. You usually need to adjust the angle to see clearly

it’s basically the above ~

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 Hello, I'm glad to answer your questions

 prepare utensils that can hold water, a small piece of banana and food packaging bags or cartons and glass bottles with production date


 crush the bananas in a vessel, then inject clean water and stir


 prepare a rag and dip it in the previously prepared "banana water"


 wipe the food packaging bag with production date back and forth with a cloth dipped in "banana water". The on the carton package is easier to remove. Dear, I'm glad to serve you 

6 more

alcohol or oil

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