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How to pack the frozen seafood and what materials to use?

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We have a batch of live seafood to be transported to the United States. What packaging materials should be used for the frozen live seafood? How to pack? It is said that there is a standard package for seafood quick freezing? So what are the specific standards? Urgent, high score reward good answer!

Hello, I operate in Zhanjiang aquatic market and have some experience in air transportation of fresh food. I don’t know what kind of food you are transporting. I can say the packaging method of shrimp is for you, and the crab is also for you. Here is the packaging of shrimp. You are an export packaging. In Zhanjiang, you must buy an air fresh food box, which includes a carton, a foam box, and a large plastic bag. If you are shrimp, put a little sea water, Add oxygen to the water just enough to hold the shrimp, bind the mouth of the bag and put it into the box (for fish, add some sea crystal), (for lobster, dry oxygen can be used). There must be no water leakage. The freight of civil aviation is settled by kilogram, and the export products need to pass the inspection! If there is any ambiguity, you understand

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