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How to open the cover in case of sudden power failure during the operation of vacuum packaging machine

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vacuum packaging machines generally have air inlet. Pull out the plug of the air inlet to make it enter the air, and the cover will be opened
Qingdao Aixun vacuum packaging machine.

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 1. The vacuum pump of the packaging machine does not operate 

 if the travel switch is not pressed, please close the cover. You can adjust the travel switch by adjusting the screw position or adjusting the pressure bar. For electric cover opening models, please adjust the pull rod

 if it is a relay, the vacuum pump time relay on the control panel may be damaged; If it is controlled by the computer version, it means that the computer version is faulty. Please replace it. The vacuum pump motor is damaged. Generally, in this case, the manufacturer will provide warranty (of course, it is a regular manufacturer) and replace or repair it

 2. The vacuum chamber of the vacuum packaging machine cannot reach the vacuum degree 

 reason 1: the vacuum pump is worn or damaged and cannot reach the vacuum degree

 reason 2: loose gas pipe connector, broken pipe, damaged vacuum chamber sealing ring, damaged solenoid valve, etc., resulting in the atmosphere channeling into the vacuum chamber

 reason 3: the vacuum pump oil is insufficient

 reason 4: insufficient gas time

 3. The vacuum chamber of the vacuum packaging machine cannot be opened 

 the bleeder solenoid valve fails to open after the working cycle. For fully automatic equipment, such as the electric cover opening model of rolling vacuum packaging machine, the cover opening motor may be damaged and the pull rod may be stuck

 4. Residual air in vacuum packaging product bag 

 the sealing strip is not reset well, resulting in the bag mouth being crushed when the vacuum packaging machine is pumping air, resulting in early sealing and failure to extract the air from the bag. The sealing strip of the packaging machine is not flexible, which presses the bag mouth to death, resulting in the failure of air extraction

 5. Abnormal noise during operation, tripping, black smoke from exhaust port and oil dripping 

 possible fault causes are: 

 I: the motor fan of the pump makes abnormal noise and needs maintenance

 II: the air inlet is blocked and there is foreign matter in the pump

 III: the vacuum pump oil is insufficient or caused by the use of non-standard engine oil

 IV: the pump is overheated due to long-term operation, or due to operation at high temperature. Please keep the machine ventilated and dissipate heat 

 the vacuum packaging machine can automatically extract the air in the packaging bag and complete the sealing process after reaching the predetermined vacuum degree. Nitrogen or other mixed gases can also be filled, and then the sealing process can be completed. Vacuum packaging machine is often used in the food industry, because after vacuum packaging, food can resist oxidation, so as to achieve the purpose of long-term preservation

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