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How to install ink bag pen? Be more detailed. I won’t, C dawn

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first, you should buy a pair of ink bags suitable for your pen model, and then install the ink bags according to the following methods

unscrew the pen and pull out the previously used ink bag

take out a new ink bag and insert the smaller end of the ink bag into the pen holder note: you don’t have to press it in, just put it in the pen holder


the last step is to install the pen holder back, slowly rotate and tighten the pen holder, and the ink bag will be loaded automatically with the thrust without puncturing the ink bag in advance

ink bag is a tube containing ink. It can be directly inserted into the pen and can be used with the cover. It is disposable. After the ink in the ink bag is used up, it will be discarded

operation steps:

method 1:

1. Take out the used ink bag

2. Take a new ink bag. Generally, the opening of the ink bag is relatively weak or there is a small bead (as shown in the figure) for sealing. If you are afraid of not getting in, you can break the film at the opening of the ink bag

3. Press the new ink bag firmly. When you press it, the back of the pen will naturally open the ink bag and put it into the opened pen

method 2:

1. Unscrew the pen and take out the used ink bag

2. Take out a new ink bag from the ink bag box, put it into the opened pen and press it hard. If it can’t be pressed, turn it slowly and press it hard. It’s good to hear the sound of “Ba”

3. One end of the ink bladder can be inserted into the pen, but the other end can’t, so observe it before use and don’t insert it backwards. Check whether the specification of the ink cartridge is the same as that of your inker. If it is different, you don’t have to try again. It won’t work

data expansion:

What if the ink bag does not come out after changing the ink bag

1. Soak the tip of the bag changing pen in warm water and wash the pen after the water is completely cool

2. If you don’t wash it with clean water, you can add washing powder to the water and continue to wash it to make the pen cleaner. Finally, wash the pen head with a dry paper towel or dry rag

3. This method is mainly applicable to the phenomenon that the ink solidifies on the pen head, resulting in poor water flow and inability to write. As long as the ink on the pen head is cleaned, it will be very smooth to write with a replacement pen

there is a round bead in front of the ink bag to seal the ink. This is very hard and strong. Put the new ink bag into the opened pen and press it hard. If you can’t press it, turn it slowly and press it hard. Finally, it’s good to “bang”.

it’s useless to put it in and write words,

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