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How to improve the output of packaging machine and understand the test paper of safety operation specification of packaging machine

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1. Correctly wear labor protection articles before taking the post
2. Before starting the machine, check the filling mechanism of the packaging machine, observe the activity of moving parts, and check whether the action coordination between various mechanisms is coordinated
3. Before starting the machine, first understand the material quantity of the intermediate bin, and start the machine only after the material is fed to the specified material level height
4. Before starting the machine, check whether there is air leakage and material leakage in the gas pipeline, observe the pressure gauge in the gas pipeline, and start the machine only after the air pressure reaches the set pressure
5. Observe the surrounding environment and remove all obstacles before starting the machine
6. When the packaging machine is just started, it should be idled for several weeks, observe the operation, and then start packing
7. Concentrate when inserting the bag. Insert the paper bag into the turning discharge nozzle quickly and accurately, and don’t miss it
8. In order to ensure that the weight of delivered bagged cement meets the regulations, sampling inspection and scale calibration inspection shall be carried out on the cement bag at the specified time
9. Wear labor protection articles correctly at work and do not drink alcohol four hours before work
10. Post personnel must be familiar with audible and visual signals such as start alarm, production alarm, fire alarm and call signal
11. It is not allowed to walk on the equipment or cross the equipment in operation
12. It is forbidden to rest near the running equipment
13. Safety signs are clear and complete
14. The site lighting must be normal during production
15. The workshop shall be kept clean and the mechanical equipment and electrical equipment shall be protected
16. Ensure that the shaft has a sleeve, the wheel has a cover, the ditch has a cover plate, and the platform and stairs have railings
17. In the workplace, holes and obstacles that may fall in or trip must be properly handled or hung with signs
18. Operate in strict accordance with process operation procedures and safety operation procedures
19. Regularly carry out equipment troubleshooting as required
20. When overhauling the equipment, the sudden start of the equipment shall be prevented. It must be understood that the emergency stop switch is only to cut off the power supply or motor starter. For the sake of safety, the power switch on the equipment distribution board shall be cut off and the maintenance signboard shall be hung
21. Check and confirm the start-up equipment, and contact relevant personnel before starting the equipment if conditions permit
22. During the inspection and maintenance in the mill, warehouse and dust collector, the manhole door must be guarded by personnel
23. Low voltage lighting power supply below 36V must be used when working inside mills, silos, pipelines, etc
24. Electric leakage of electrical equipment shall be prevented, and check whether it is grounded or connected to zero
25. The workshop shall be kept clean and tidy, and the accumulation or leakage of dust and lubricating grease shall be avoided
26. Flammable and explosive equipment must be grounded to prevent fire and explosion caused by static electricity
27. Open flame operation is strictly prohibited in the workshop. The parts that really need electric welding shall be isolated according to the site conditions. The welding sparks shall enter the flammable and explosive parts and can be covered with asbestos felt.

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