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How to do packaging design?

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Please look at my questions for me. Can you answer them for me?

first, you can buy some books on packaging design

you can go to bookstores or online, buy some books about packaging design, study and research more, learn some basic knowledge and lay a good foundation


Second, you can sign up for a tutorial class to learn packaging design

now the counseling institutions are more professional. You can also sign up for a counseling class on packaging design to study packaging design

Third, you can also watch videos about packaging design on the Internet

there are also many resources on the Internet. You can also collect relevant video tutorials on the Internet to watch how to carry out packaging design

Fourth, you can communicate with some like-minded people

you can communicate with some like-minded people to make common progress and learn packaging design better

fifth, you can go to the supermarket to see the packaging design of goods

now many goods in supermarkets are packed very well. If you have time, you can go to the supermarket to see how the packaging design of those goods is done

sixth, try to design some packaging designs

after learning a lot of basic knowledge, you also have a lot of inspiration. You can try to design some packaging designs and let your friends see if they are good

finally, think more and inspire yourself. In the process of learning, we should think more and constantly stimulate our own design inspiration

you can go to the doctor’s cube to have a look at the packaging design. There are many cases and explanations about packaging design on it. Only by learning these packaging can you make the packaging better*

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