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How to distinguish between soft box cigarettes and hard box cigarettes

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Today, the boss told me to buy a hard box of cigarettes, Hongtashan Because I don’t eat cigarettes, I say: I don’t know So the boss asked a second person to buy it I feel ashamed How to distinguish between soft box and hard box And what’s the difference between real cigarettes and fake cigarettes? Thank you

simple. Cigarette boxes as hard as cardboard are hard boxes, and those like a layer of paper are soft boxes. Some fake cigarettes can’t be seen. You don’t know until you smoke. Unless you can smell the benefits of smoking, there are many fake cigarettes in small shops. Go to a regular place to buy them

generally speaking, there are soft boxes and hard boxes on the top of cigarettes. The appearance of real cigarettes has the seal code number of the local tobacco company! In short, in terms of appearance, one is to make plates and copy famous cigarette packaging without permission. The color of the whole package is not allowed to go, and the whole picture is generally blurred, which is easy to be recognized. The color of the whole package is not clear, and it is easy to be recognized. The other is fake cigarettes in real packages. For example, using the real cigarette packaging paper discarded during the test run of the printing factory, although the plate making is accurate, due to the test run, most of the colors are not correct, and the color registration goes to the plate. For counterfeit cigarettes made of genuine packaging paper rolls stolen from national tobacco factories, the packaging of cellophane outside the cigarette box should be carefully checked. Regular cigarette factories use automatic equipment to pack cellophane. The packaging machine has the ability of hot pressing. The bonded cellophane is flat after hot pressing, and pasted with the paper inside, with moderate tightness. The fake famous cigarettes are mostly hand packed cellophane, which is not hot pressed and uneven. In order to obtain a flat surface, it must be pulled very tightly, resulting in the ups and downs of the packaging paper inside. In addition, all cigarettes covered with cellophane have open straps. The exposed ends of genuine straps are round, while fake cigarette straps are often cut flush

when you go to buy, you say that if you take a single package in a box, the one at the counter will not be fake


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