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How to choose shoe polish

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Bought a pair of brown leather shoes. I don’t know whether it’s better to use primary color shoe polish or natural color shoe polish
(color = white /natural color = Brown)

(1) emulsified shoe polish is made by British method (hose packaging), which is especially suitable for wet and rainy areas. It is composed of wax, oil and water. It has the advantages of brightness, protection of leather and free color matching, and has the ability to hide and cover leather grain defects and color spots. Therefore, it can be used as both bright shoe polish and color shoe polish

(2) pure oil type shoe polish is made by American method (round iron box packaging). Its main components are wax and oil without adding water, so this kind of shoe polish is more waterproof. After long-term use of this oil, the color of leather shoes will gradually become lighter

(3) liquid shoe polish (bottled, with small sponge brush) is made of emulsified wax and water, some of which are mixed with a small amount of resin (because it is easy to form surface film, so it does not add resin). This kind of shoe polish doesn’t need to be wiped. Only need to be painted on the shoes can be bright, with the advantages of simple and fast. This liquid shoe polish can be used for dark smooth leather shoes

(4) special types of shoe polish are mainly emulsified organic silicone oil and transparent shoe polish, which are mainly bright and waterproof. In addition, there are deerskin powder and dyeing water, which are mainly used for dyeing and are specially used for the modification and finishing of suede shoes

anyone can polish leather shoes, but if you only do it according to your own ideas, you will often make various mistakes, which will not protect leather shoes, but will damage leather shoes to varying degrees. The first oiling of leather shoes should be carried out before wearing new shoes. When the leather shoes are not stained with dirt, it can well maintain the color and brightness of leather shoes. In the future, in the process of wearing, you need shoe polish every two to three days. And different leather needs to choose different shoe polish
soft cowhide
it’s best not to apply oil with a brush, and it’s best to use cotton cloth, which will not cause damage to shoes. Before oiling, clean the shoes, do not wash them with water, clean the dust with a semi wet cloth, squeeze the shoe polish on the cotton cloth, and then wipe it on the leather surface. Don’t use too much force when wiping, master the rhythm, wipe a little longer, and wait until the color is uniform
water dyed leather
it’s best to wipe it with colorless shoe polish or sheep oil. It’s best to use cotton cloth instead of brush
waxed leather
all waxed leather cannot be oiled, otherwise it will change color, and once it changes color, it will not change back to its original color. It’s good to wipe it with clean cotton cloth
lacquer leather
lacquer leather is a hard leather with paint on the surface. There is no need to apply shoe polish. It is good to gently wipe the dust with a soft cloth at ordinary times. Pay attention to protection when wearing
frosted leather
frosted leather and anti lint are of the same nature. They are usually cleaned with a brush. When brushing, brush in one direction. Spray with frosted leather care agent every other week or so, and then dry in a ventilated place in the shade!

first of all, you should know whether the shoes become darker when you see the oil or water (you can apply water to the inconspicuous part for the experiment). If so, you should choose the yellow or light brown oil of sheep oil. If not, you can choose the ordinary yellow or light brown oil. However, because the shoe polish is mostly made of wax, you should pay special attention not to replace it with colorless oil or white oil, which is easy to hang a layer of white cream that is difficult to remove

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