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How to change the heating tube of packaging machine

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Knife edge temperature is unstable! The set temperature cannot be reached all the time. Excuse me, is this the problem with the heating pipe? The middle seal temperature can reach temperature 1, but it can’t be sealed! What’s the problem

1 thermocouple problem
2 low power of heating tube
3 high temperature cloth

your problem is to replace the heating tube,
it’s simple. If it’s a tube, just connect it directly to the power cord

for multiple tubes, 1 First take out a wire from each heating pipe and connect it with one of the power lines,
2 Then connect the other wire in each heating pipe with the other wire of the power line. Just fine
I hope I can help you.

I work in machinery sales I don’t quite understand your question But you said it couldn’t be sealed after the temperature reached Can we consider the material of composite membrane

if it’s urgent, I can ask our technicians! My QQ 895207126


the instrument is broken, and then the heat head! It’s broken!

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