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How to calculate the tea cup packaging

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Milk tea cup is big up and small down, and the packaging is fan-shaped. How should this be calculated? The diameter of the upper mouth is 9.5, the diameter of the bottom is 5.5, and the height of the inclined plane of the cup is 12.5. How should the fan-shaped packaging of the cup be calculated?

it’s hard to write. Why don’t I talk about it. The packing is fan-shaped. Since you know the diameter of the upper and lower mouth, don’t you know the arc length? L = 3.14 times R and then extend both sides to form a part of a circle. The center angle of the circle is set as N and the radius is set as R + 12.5 So the formula is 3.14n (R + 12.5) /180 = 9.5; 3.14n12. 5 /180 = 5.5, isn’t that ok?

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