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How much is the beef sauce packing machine, tax included? Bottled beef sauce, need beef sauce filling machine, where is good?

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beef sauce: is beef granular or fried? How many centimeters are the particles? How many grams per bottle
beef sauce packaging machine
beef sauce filling machine
automatic granular sauce packaging machine
technical features
automatic mushroom sauce packaging machine, with convenient and reliable program control and simple and convenient operation; The rack, machine feet, material trough and guardrail of the whole line are made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel. The positions contacting product containers and filling materials are made of and plastic hoses. The filling body is made of stainless steel inside and outside, which is corrosion-resistant and convenient for cleaning and disinfection, and meets the relevant national requirements for food machinery and food hygiene and sanitation
(1) the whole machine adopts infrared sensor for more accurate position control
(2) the electrical switch components of the whole machine are domestic /imported famous brand electrical components
(3) the conveying motor of the whole machine adopts high-quality mechanical speed regulating motor
(4) the beef sauce filling machine adopts high-quality pneumatic control valve, which can control quickly and reliably
(5) the conveyor belt of the whole machine adopts high-quality conveyor belt sheet, which is wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant and easy to clean
(6) the position of guardrail, sensor, filling nozzle and positioning cylinder can be easily adjusted to adapt to various specifications of containers
(7) the beef sauce filling machine adopts the cylinder conveying mode and will not spill during filling
(8) color man-machine interface, which embodies the people-oriented theory and displays the program and sensor actuator with relevant buttons
(9) sensor with alarm function of material shortage and nozzle collision
(10) the filling machine adopts computer to accurately control and adjust various parameters, and has the function of parameter storage and replacement
technical parameters
number of filling heads: single head filling accuracy: & lt; ± 1g
rack material: stainless steel
conveying speed: adjustable
complete machine power: 2kW three-phase four wire power supply
program control
filling speed: 40-45 bottles /min
anti drip device
prevent materials or seasoning from overflowing or dripping from the gap, which is hygienic and clean, Avoid waste
filling capacity: bottler 10-300g
workflow 1) automatic feeding machine transports materials to the hopper of the elevator
(2) the feeder feeds the material to the material gauge (when there is no material in the bin of the material gauge, the feeder will automatically feed, and when the bin of the material gauge is full, the feeder will automatically stop feeding)
(3) the material is measured by the material meter and then sent to the filling device for filling
(4) the bottle conveying device conveys the filled bottles to the capping machine to complete the whole packaging process
(5) small floor area, light weight and space saving
(6) waterproof design, which can be washed properly during cleaning
(7) the equipment is simple in structure and easy to maintain
(8) filling with bottles and no filling without bottles; With counting function, it can accurately display the current output and previous shift output;

our filling machine adopts the pneumatic principle of piston cylinder, which is suitable for the filling of viscous sauces such as mushroom sauce, chili sauce, bean paste, peanut butter, sesame sauce, jam, butter hotpot bottom, red oil hotpot bottom and so on. The filling rotary valve can be customized and enlarged to meet the filling needs of different customers
the horizontal mixing hopper is equipped to ensure that the materials are uniform and free of oil and sauce separation during the filling process, and ensure the filling accuracy of each bottle. The design of the equipment greatly shortens the filling distance from the lower hopper to the filling head, and overcomes the problem that some bottles of oil with large oil content (such as spicy pepper oil containing sesame seeds) have too much oil in the filling process, There are some disadvantages of large filling errors. You can visit the factory when you have time

it depends on your materials and gives you a specific plan

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