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How much is a pack of cigarettes like “Greater China”? See clearly before you answer

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20 pieces in a bag, hard packed. Among them, the Chinese characters of Greater China are traditional Chinese and the cigarette butts are white. See clearly before you answer

when the market did not stipulate that a single box retail could not exceed 100, more than 150 boxes are sold. Now there are few places to sell 100 boxes~~

retail price in soft China market: 70 yuan per bag (3 prefix), 65 yuan per bag (1 prefix) tobacco company price: no matter what prefix, it is 550 yuan per piece, that is, 55 yuan per bag! Cellophane treasures 3 head soft China: each one has transparent glass film packaging, soft packaging, 3 prefix The ribbon is printed with Chinese characters, the current price of 3 words soft China 670 yuan /ordinary soft China 570 yuan /article how to identify true and false soft Chinese cigarettes 1. from the whole packaging, the tobacco department in the film seal on a long serial number of typefaces are spray shaped, size is different, each number is different, counterfeit product number is often printed on. Typefaces are generally difficult to spray and sometimes appear in the same number. 2. Pick up a pack of cigarettes and gently pinch it in your hand. There is a little gap between the packaging of genuine products and cigarettes, which is generally soft. Counterfeit products are tightly packed and feel a little tight; 3. There is a line of numbers at the bottom of the front of each package of cigarettes, which is difficult to see by the naked eye. Under ultraviolet irradiation, the numbers of genuine products are very neat, and the spacing of each number is uniform. The number of counterfeit products is more obvious by naked eye observation, and the spacing and size of numbers are not very uniform; 4. Look at the sealing of the sealing film at the bottom of each pack of cigarettes. The genuine products have more wrinkles at the bonding place, and the counterfeit products are generally flat and smooth. Basically, tobacco is sold in the province, but the quality of tobacco is the same as that of ordinary soft bags. If you add a thin layer, you will charge dozens of yuan more, so it is rarely sold



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