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How much is a dry cleaner

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as of February 8, 2020, the quotation of fully automatic frequency conversion petroleum dry cleaning machine is about 10000-30000 yuan, and the quotation of fully enclosed tetrachloroethylene machine is about 40000-90000 yuan

clothes dry cleaning machine is a washing machine that uses dry cleaning solvent for washing, solution filtration, desolvent, drying and recycling, cleaning solvent purification and recycling. According to different detergents, dry cleaners can be divided into two categories: tetrachloroethylene dry cleaners and petroleum dry cleaners

double cylinders of petroleum dry cleaning machine means that there are two detergent storage tanks at the bottom of the dry cleaning equipment. The detergent recovered from washing dark clothes is stored in the dark tank, and the detergent recovered from washing light clothes is stored in the light tank. The setting of two storage tanks makes the washing effect reach a good state. The computer board design and route of double cylinder equipment are more reasonable and scientific


extended data:


1. It is strictly prohibited to leak petroleum solvent or smoke. Clean clothes must be cooled quickly and thoroughly before they can be taken out. Don’t leave them in the heat for too long

2. The place where the oil dry cleaner is placed must be dry and ventilated, and there shall be no direct sunlight. The room is decorated with fireproof materials, and the power supply should be away from the machine

3, please wear protective gloves or apron to avoid skin injury or poisoning

4, when the oil dry cleaner is scrapped, the solvent must be removed first to avoid gas explosion of the residual solvent

the basic investment of large dry cleaners is about hundreds of thousands. They need more and larger dry cleaning equipment and store area, and the investment cost is relatively higher

the equipment to be used includes fully enclosed tetrachloroethylene dry cleaner, fully automatic frequency conversion petroleum dry cleaner, vertical frequency conversion elution dual-purpose machine, fully automatic dryer, stain removal table, portrait machine, computer automatic billing system, clothing conveying line, three-dimensional packaging machine for ready-made clothes, automatic air suction ironing table, luxury double door disinfection cabinet, automatic electric heating generator and iron, It is more suitable to open in urban areas (close to high-end residential areas or urban business districts), which is characterized by high grade and good efficiency

extended data:

precautions for using dry cleaning machine

① dry cleaning must be installed in a ventilated, dry room without inflammables and corrosive gases. If ventilation is not good, exhaust equipment shall be installed

the machine shall be installed at a basic level. The four feet can be padded with hard seat rubber or hard wood. The rear of the machine shall be 0.8-1m away from the wall for easy operation

the electrical circuit shall be connected according to the national standard, especially on the bolt marked with grounding mark on the machine Reliable and effective protective grounding must be connected. The grounding resistance shall not be greater than 4 Ω and the conductor shall not be less than 2.5 mm2

② the workplace must be well ventilated

③ open fire is strictly prohibited to enter the work site

④ electrical circuits must be installed by professional electricians, and reliable protective ground wires must be connected to the bolts marked with grounding marks on the machine

⑤ non professional personnel of electrical appliances in the machine are strictly prohibited to modify various parameters

⑥ the power must be cut off when leaving the shift

according to the latest data in December 2019, the quotation of fully automatic frequency conversion petroleum dry cleaning machine is about 10000-30000 yuan, and the quotation of fully enclosed tetrachloroethylene machine is about 40000-90000 yuan

oil dry cleaners wash clothes more comprehensively than tetrachloroethylene dry cleaners. Oil dry cleaners can wash all fabrics except down clothes. The price of oil dry cleaners is cheaper than tetrachloroethylene dry cleaners

the washing cleanliness of petroleum washing machine is not as high as that of tetrachloroethylene. The tetrachloroethylene dry cleaner only needs simple pretreatment before dry cleaning. The oil dry cleaner needs to do laborious pretreatment, otherwise the oil stain on the clothes will not be cleaned

extended data:


1. The ignition point of petroleum solvent must be above 40 ℃ and must have good electrical resistance to reduce the possibility of explosion or combustion

2. Do not work continuously for too long to prevent high temperature

3. Don’t transform easily and repair the machine by yourself to avoid unexpected things

4. Ventilate frequently to avoid excessive explosion of indoor gas content

5. Leakage of petroleum solvent and fireworks are strictly prohibited. Clean and dry clothes must be cooled quickly and completely before they can be opened and taken out. Don’t put them under high temperature for too long

reference source: Baidu Encyclopedia – dry cleaning machine

the initial investment cost of ordinary small dry cleaners is about 60000-80000 yuan, including 30000-50000 yuan of dry cleaner equipment and 30000 yuan of store rent; The initial investment cost of high-end small dry cleaners is about 90000-120000 yuan, including about 50000-80000 yuan of dry cleaner equipment and about 40000 yuan of store rent. Rent a facade of 30-50 square meters, equipped with dry cleaners, dryers, steam generators and ironing tables, and the equipment investment is about 30000 yuan. Such investment is quite low. One or two people can do it, which is very suitable for low-cost entrepreneurship

the initial investment cost of ordinary medium-sized dry cleaners is about 120000 yuan, including 80000 yuan of dry cleaner equipment and 40000-60000 yuan of store rent; The initial investment cost of high-end medium-sized dry cleaners is about 200000 yuan, including 100000-150000 yuan of dry cleaner equipment and 60000-100000 yuan of store rent. For a long time, 200000 yuan on hand can realize the ideal. 60000 to 100000 yuan can buy dry cleaners, water washers, dryers, ironing tables, steam generators, conveyors and other equipment. Coupled with the rent and decoration of the store, it is very delicious to open the store

large dry cleaners invest 300000 to 500000 yuan. Generally speaking, there are 2 to 3 storefronts and 200000 to 300000 yuan for equipment. The specific investment is configured according to the actual situation. Of course, the amount of investment in such dry cleaners is relatively small. Due to the limitation of appearance, it is not easy to open large dry cleaners. The initial investment cost of high-end dry cleaners is higher than that of ordinary dry cleaners, which is mainly caused by the differences in the number and type of equipment. The scale and type of investment mainly depend on the regional consumption and the strength of investors.

the cost of dry cleaning equipment depends on the size of the store you want to open. The types of dry cleaners generally include petroleum dry cleaning and fully enclosed tetrachloroethylene. These two have their own advantages and disadvantages. 1. Clothes with slightly low oil cleanliness and heavy stains need to be treated in advance. Tetrachloroethylene has high cleanliness but strong corrosion. Many clothes can’t be washed. The most important cost is high. Three times as much as oil dry cleaners. Generally 30 square meters of 8 kilograms of dry cleaning. 30-50 square 10kg dry cleaning machine. Add 15kg washing machine and auxiliary equipment, which is absolutely enough. 50-80 square meters with 12kg dry cleaner and 15kg water washer. Stores with an area of more than 100 square meters can choose freely. The bigger the better. I am looking for aubesen technology dry cleaning equipment and franchise. I drive 50 square meters. The total investment in equipment cost is more than 50000, including technical training. Network extension and robot welcome. Smart housekeeper. Including free store design. Basically covered. Now I have a profit of more than 300000 a year.. There are two people in the shop to help
exert pressure on students, excessively pursue students to achieve good results, and pay no attention to students’ own growth and the cultivation of personality and habits. Therefore, mental health education is very important and the key to ensure the healthy growth of students. Infiltrating mental health education into the discipline is a very important way in primary school education. Coupled with the particularity of primary school Chinese itself, the application of mental health education has very significant significance and value
II. Penetration and effectiveness of mental health education in primary school Chinese
take the primary school Chinese textbook of people’s education edition as an example. There are 12 volumes and 12 books in the textbook, mainly skimming the text. Through the analysis of the teaching materials, it is found that the structural arrangement of the teaching materials is obtained through careful design. The editors also pay great attention to the psychological characteristics of primary school students, and guide students to learn from simple to complex and from shallow to deep in a step-by-step way. The teaching materials include science, society, nature, humanities, art and other contents in line with the psychological age of primary school students. For example, in the articles describing characters, there are those who are not afraid of sacrificing their homes and defending the country, There are hard-working, simple and kind-hearted. These characters are teaching cases to improve students’ psychology. The textbook itself can be said to be a guide to mental health. However, in the primary school Chinese classroom, teachers still need to improve the application ability of mental health. After all, the primary school Chinese curriculum is not a professional mental health education curriculum
III. teaching strategies of primary school Chinese from the perspective of mental health education
1. Fully excavate the content of teaching materials and infiltrate mental health education
take the primary school Chinese of people’s education edition as an example, its content mainly includes five kinds of love, love the motherland, love the people, love nature, love science and love yourself. Teachers need to fully explore these emotional contents, guide students to form a correct feeling of love with the help of “love” in the text, improve students’ comprehensive quality and cultivate students’ feelings of patriotism and love. For example, in the text of fish swimming on paper, it mainly takes “recognizing the goal and making unremitting efforts” as the teaching spirit. When teaching this text, teachers can focus on the attentive and diligent learning quality of deaf mute youth, and present the image of youth in the process of observation and painting with the help of multi-media, so as to make students feel the author’s strong observation, At the same time, experience the deaf mute youth’s meticulous and rich emotion and unlimited love for life. These contents are effective ways to improve students’ understanding. At the same time, they are also conducive to helping students feel the quality of being disabled and determined imperceptibly, so as to improve students’ psychological emotion. For another example, in the teaching of the text “pony crossing the river”, let the students read aloud repeatedly, silently or freely raise their hands and read aloud in different roles, and experience the impact of the animals’ dialogue on the pony’s mentality through the appropriate comments and prompts of the teacher. In this way, students can perceive by themselves, learn to think independently, establish the psychological thought of “solving their own problems by themselves”, do what they can and solve problems independently. During the teaching process, in addition to completing the requirements of the established outline, on the basis of students’ recognition of words, let students express their views, create a pleasant atmosphere, and learn knowledge at the same time. As long as the teacher works hard, he will always find ingenious ways to combine teaching with fun. In the process of learning, he learns objective evaluation, spiritual beauty and positive energy, has the courage to show himself and express himself appropriately
2. Optimizing the educational environment and highlighting mental health
an effective classroom atmosphere is an effective way to improve students’ learning efficiency and promote the gradual development of students’ personality, and teachers are the creators of high-quality classroom atmosphere. In the process of education, teachers should organize teaching in an equal and open way as far as possible and treat every student with an equal attitude. When communicating with students, the teacher’s language and tone should be soft. They must communicate with students with a respectful attitude and interact with students with confident eyes, so as to promote students to release constraints and think actively in class. In classroom teaching, teachers should be good at smiling and communicating with students in a soft tone

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