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How much does the old vacuum packing machine cost now? I want to buy one? What needs attention?

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I. when we need to buy a vacuum packaging machine, we should first choose which type of equipment is suitable for the size of the outer bag we want to package. The equipment is cost-effective
Second, we should know whether the output of equipment and the strength of vacuum machine meet our own packaging
III. It is necessary to understand the true workmanship requirements, especially the thickness of stainless steel in the vacuum chamber, whether the workmanship of plexiglass cover and vacuum chamber is smooth and whether the welding joint of vacuum chamber is firm.

Step 2: adjust the air extraction time for about 15-20 seconds, press the vacuum cover to start vacuumizing, turn off the power when the pressure of the vacuum gauge reaches the maximum MPa 0, pause for about 8-15 seconds, and the pressure gauge does not return, indicating that the machine does not leak (normal) and the pressure gauge has slight return (it can be used if it is not a meat product.) The pressure gauge has rapid backflow (it indicates that there may be air leakage at a certain place, open welding, cracks in the steel plate, etc. it is difficult to check)

Step 3: check the pumping speed of the vacuum pump. It can be seen by observing the pressure gauge
Step 4: whether the vacuum sealing effect of the bag after vacuum is satisfactory

if you want to buy a second-hand vacuum machine, you should pay special attention to the above points. The most important point is the vacuum pump. The vacuum pump is within 3 years. You can consider it after 3 years. You are advised not to sell a new pump and replace it with a new one (the vacuum pump is like a human heart) like a heating wire heating cloth, which is a vulnerable part

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