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How much does the equipment of a beverage filling production line generally cost?

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this question can only be answered in general, 1 It depends on what kind of drink you drink How much is the output?
due to different drinks, the machines configured are also different. If it starts from water treatment to packing and selling outside, there is no need to use the mechanical assembly line manually, about 700000-800000 (OK). If it is only water treatment and filling machine, about 200000-300000
please contact me for details, because I am a salesperson of the beverage machinery company

from small to large fruit juice production line equipment can be supplied, which is divided into the following grades: small 2000 bottles /hour, 4000 bottles /hour, 6000 bottles /hour, 10000 bottles /hour, 15000 bottles /hour, 20000 bottles /hour – 36000 bottles /hour
there are two ways to make fruit juice drinks: one is made from concentrated fruit juice, and the other is made from fresh fruit juice. The two kinds of production lines are different. The prepared juice has a low budget, which is suitable for the general market and the choice of guests with low initial investment. It mainly faces the ordinary market
another kind of fruit juice produced by processing fresh fruit juice includes: the investment is relatively large, depending on what raw fruit is used. The types of raw fruit and the pretreatment process are different. Customers who do such projects need to determine what fruit juice is made into fruit juice
the types and outer packaging of fruit juice mainly include carton packaging, pop can packaging, plastic bottles (PET bottles), glass bottles, etc. This also requires customers to position themselves according to the market. The price of equipment varies with different configurations. For example, for 2000 bottles of blended fruit juice drinks, a set of equipment is about 500000-700000. The price is different according to different requirements
for small beverage factories, it is not recommended to blow bottles by themselves. The investment will be relatively large. Bottles can be purchased at the initial stage
in the factory: generally, more than 1000 square meters of steel structure workshop is required, and the budget is about 300000
land: customers can choose to build their own factories in the open space, or rent the site to reduce the budget
formula: it’s better for customers to have their own formula. If not, they should find a formula manufacturer to formulate their own beverage formula
equipment: it is very important to choose the machine and output suitable for packaging according to your own investment budget

installation and commissioning: professional personnel provided by the equipment manufacturer are responsible for installation and commissioning to make beverage products
product out of the market: the product can be launched into the market only after the product is well controlled and then applying for SC or QS certification

water treatment system: the water treatment system filters and purifies the water to meet the standard of pure water required for beverage production
bottle blowing machine system (blowing, filling and rotating) aseptic cold filling system: aseptic isolation technology is adopted in the aseptic cold filling system of full-automatic filling machine to ensure the asepsis of filling materials, packaging environment and packaging containers. From bottle blowing to washing and antivirus to filling and sealing
4. Conveying system: conveying the beverage from the filling machine to the back end
5. Pet capping liquid level detector: online detect the liquid level and capping conditions to ensure that the products are qualified
6 Water blower: dry the external white surface
7 Set and shrinking machine: bottle body labeling
8 Label detector: br.9> Inkjet printer: Inkjet mark the bottle body
10 Wrapping packing machine: beverage bottles are packed into cartons
11 Box code spraying: box code collision
12 Full container detector: qualified, full container
13 Robot stacker: Carton stacking


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