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How much does it cost to set up a noodle processing factory

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vermicelli /vermicelli is a favorite food for the public. The audience is very factory. Raw materials such as sweet potato and potato have high yield, strong adaptability and relatively cheap price. When opening noodle /silk shops, we usually need to find places with convenient transportation, close to farmers’ markets, complete water and electricity facilities and far away from the urban area, so as to control the early investment cost; In addition, mechanical engineers, production workers, operators and processing equipment of vermicelli /strips should be considered; Fan machine prices range from 10000-50000 fan machine single equipment to hundreds of thousands and millions of automatic processing production lines. The processing equipment is reasonably customized according to different businesses and output. If it is a small noodle /silk shop, it is about 150000-200000, which can be determined according to your own actual situation

warm tip: the above explanation is for reference only and no suggestions are made. There are risks in entering the market, and investment needs to be cautious. Before making any investment, you should ensure that you fully understand the investment nature and risks involved in the product, and judge whether to participate in the transaction after you have a detailed understanding and careful evaluation of the product
response time: December 3, 2020. Please refer to the official website of Ping An Bank for the latest business changes
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first determine whether to start with sweet potato or starch; Many people don’t understand this. They don’t understand the process of sweet potato starch vermicelli. In fact, it is completed by two sets of equipment with different properties. For the process of extracting starch from fresh sweet potato, sedimentation tank and cyclone method can be selected according to the degree of mechanization. The second is the process from starch into the machine to dry powder out of the machine.

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 Hello, dear ones. The estimated investment amount should be about 200000 to 500000 [eat whale] [eat whale] 

 to set up a noodle processing plant, no matter what the scale, we need to make relevant preparations in advance. Running a noodle processing factory is not a children's play. It needs to invest time, money, manpower and material resources to prepare the production site, vermicelli production line, raw materials for equipment processing, etc. Users who want to enter the starch deep processing industry should first understand the investment cost and production process, form a certain scale according to their own strength, and reduce the possible risks in the later stage

 this is one of the more important inputs for the establishment of noodle processing plant. The noodle processing is different from the starch extraction process. The starch extraction is seasonal, and the production of noodle vermicelli can be carried out all year round. Users who want to invest in building a factory can learn about the powder processing equipment with different processes, and then visit the factory on the spot. The manufacturing of the noodle production line requires a certain processing cycle. After the decision, place an order as soon as possible to avoid affecting the delivery time of the machine because of the order arrangement

 the establishment of a noodle processing plant requires supporting plants, and sufficient construction area should be prepared. Whether it is purchased directly or rented, it is not a small expense. The location of the plant should be in a place with convenient transportation, complete water and electricity facilities and no pollution. It is also necessary to plan the different areas of the plant and the land occupation of equipment in advance. Lixing will provide pre-sales services such as plant planning and design schemes related to noodle processing equipment

 the transportation cost includes both the transportation of starch in the early stage and the cost of transporting the finished noodles to different sales areas after processing. Therefore, when selecting the location of processing plant, priority should be given to areas with convenient transportation

 the cost of this part is relatively flexible. It depends on the sales mode selected by users. If it is only sold in surrounding cities and farmers' markets, there is no need for advertising and promotion. If you want to sell to further places, you need to invest a certain cost through e-commerce and online marketing. Users should judge 

 the cost is still very high [whale eating] [whale eating] 

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depending on which city you invest in, whether it is a small workshop or a certain scale production enterprise that meets the food hygiene standards, 50000 small workshops can produce products, and more than 1 million food production enterprises that meet the standards can be based on the actual situation, scale, economic strength and local market sales.

Hello, the potato starch research base of Ruyang County Machinery Factory has come to answer your question. The noodle factory can be large or small, and the price will not be the same according to the required scale. According to the minimum output, the price of 3000 kg a day is between 3000 and 10000 (including multi-functional noodle equipment, mixing equipment and automatic length cutting equipment). I hope it can be helpful to your question. Thank you.

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