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How much does a toilet paper machine cost?

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different manufacturers offer different prices for a set of toilet paper machinery and equipment, some are about 50000, some are more than 100000 or even three or five hundred thousand. Specifically, we should start from our own actual needs and ask the corresponding manufacturers to make quotations for themselves

toilet paper processing machine is a semi-finished product processing equipment, that is, a machine that purchases toilet paper raw materials from the paper mill, rewinding, slitting and packaging. Generally, the commonly used machine models for processing toilet paper are 1880 and 3000. The former model is mainly used by small toilet paper processing plants. Its advantage is that the price is not expensive. You can buy one set for 50000 or 60000, which is suitable for ordinary toilet paper processing entrepreneurs, This set includes three machines, 1880 toilet paper rewinder, manual band saw paper cutter and water-cooled sealing machine.

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 toilet paper rewinder is the main equipment for processing toilet paper. It mainly adopts international advanced PLC computer programming technology, man-machine interface operation, photoelectric paper cutting and automatic gluing. The machine is equipped with a variety of functional devices. It is the preferred equipment to improve economic benefits. I hope it can help you 

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