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How does Lenovo laptop distinguish true from false

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if it is a permanent version of Microsoft Office pre installed by Lenovo, you can choose to view the activation method according to the office version:
pre installed activation method of office 2019 home student version
if you find that the office label on the computer package is the white label shown in the figure below, it indicates that the computer is pre installed with office 2019 home student version
operating steps:
warm tips: please ensure that the computer is connected to the Internet normally. Windows has been activated for more than 2 hours
1 Open the start menu and click any component of office, such as word, Excel or PPT
2. If you have a Microsoft account, please click “login”
if there is no Microsoft account, please select “create account”
3. Click login and enter the existing Microsoft account information
4. Enter the Microsoft account password
5. Click “activate office”
6. Select the country and language, select China and Chinese respectively, and click next
7. After a minute or two, the following interface appears. Click “accept” and the registration process is completed
8. Click “file” – “account” in the upper left corner to display “product activated”
9. If an account error is found on the left, as shown in the figure below, please click repair and enter the information of the Microsoft account again to prompt to improve the Microsoft account information: name. After maintenance, it will return to normal
pre install the activation method of office 2016 home Student Edition (newer version)
1 First, confirm whether the windows system has been activated
2. If it has been activated, it is recommended to open office for activation after 1 hour of online use. Run a word, Excel and PPT document at will, or click the start menu and click the icon of office program. After opening, the “login to set up office” will pop up. If you have registered a micro software account, you need to click “login”; If you have not registered a Microsoft account, click “create account” and follow the prompts to register a Microsoft account
3. If the machine is pre installed with Microsoft Office Home student 2016, it will automatically detect and prompt “office is included in this device” after logging in, and click “activate office”
4. Set the region and language version, and select China and Chinese
5. Wait for office to be ready
6. After waiting for a while, you will receive the prompt “office is ready soon”, and click “accept and start excel”.

Lenovo computers are made in China, so no matter what kind of goods, parallel goods, there are at most prototypes and refurbished machines. Once you say it, you should see it clearly when you buy it. I’ll copy individual answers for you. Just pay more attention when you buy it
explanation of common problems in laptop purchase
I. unpacking – how to judge whether JS brought me a new machine
many user friends don’t like the sealed machine when they buy the book. They are mainly worried about the repair machine or being tampered with by the dealer and replacing parts. But in fact, books that have not been unsealed are often encountered, such as prototypes that have only been placed for a few days, such as just opening them to other users to see the goods, etc. these situations do not mean that there are problems with the machine. They are machines that can be purchased with confidence. The books in those well sealed boxes are not necessarily unopened, because an air duct can completely solve the seal on the outer package of the book without leaving a trace. Therefore, when buying a book, you should buy a new machine, but it does not mean that the book with no seal still attached must be a new machine, nor does it mean that the book with the box removed cannot be purchased. The key is to see if the notebook is a new machine. Here are some tips to identify whether the book is a new machine:
1. Look at the serial number. Most notebook bodies and batteries should be labeled with the same serial number. If the battery serial number is inconsistent with the serial number of the host, the notebook is likely to have been replaced with a battery; In addition, when purchasing notebook computer products of foreign brands, whether the serial number of the fuselage is consistent with that on the battery and outer packaging is a very important basis to check whether the product is parallel goods. It should be known that foreign parallel notebooks cannot enjoy the warranty in China
2. Look at the anti-theft lock hole. If there is a mark, it indicates that the laptop anti-theft lock has been inserted, which is most likely to be a prototype
3. Look at the bottom. If it is worn and dirty, it means it has been used and the workbench on the production line is not so dirty
4. Look at the cooling fan. If the fan blade has thin dust, it indicates that it has been used for more than a week
5. See the production date. The book that left the factory three months ago is still on the market, so we should pay attention to it. The update speed of electronic product sales is very fast. It is impossible for a person who has been in the channel for such a long time
6. Look at the keyboard. The keyboard of the new book is clean, but it won’t shine. There will be dust in the gap of the used keyboard, and several commonly used keys will be polished
7. Look at the screws. That’s enough, isn’t it? Have the screws been removed? Then turn around and go
8. Look at the gap. For the refurbished books, the gap is generally difficult to deal with as new, such as the small gap between the AB side of the screen, such as the gap of the optical drive, and even the interface of modem and PCMCIA card. If dust can be found, it can be sure that it has been placed on the prototype and not sealed properly. what? Also found absorbent cotton silk for wiping books? Do you still need me to ask what to do
in short, it depends on whether the book is a new machine. It cannot be generalized by whether the outer packing box has been opened. What has been opened is not necessarily a good book. On the contrary, the prototype is generally the most reliable book. It’s the book in the intact package. You should be more careful to identify it. When choosing, the most important thing is to be careful
Second, bad points – how much is more
Nokia ntest is a good tool for detecting bad spots on the screen. The biggest headache in buying a notebook is the bad spots. After all, no one wants to buy their own new notebook. There are several highlights, right? But few manufacturers promise to be harmless. Among notebook manufacturers, only ASUS promises no highlights, but you can go to asus’s forum. This is just a word game. There are many deadly dark spots, and you can’t stand it! Moreover, they call colored spots color spots, which are not bright spots, so it’s hard to say what the bright spots are according to this standard
the problem of LCD’s bad points has plagued the LCD industry for a long time. Due to the reasons of manufacturing technology itself, LCD’s bad points are difficult to avoid, but how many bad points are normal. At present, the LCD manufacturing industry has never given a statement on how many bad points are normal. In fact, the emergence of bad points is the abnormal operation of a single crystal of the liquid crystal display, which may be different defects of red, blue and green
the root cause of bad points lies in production. If you answer questions during transportation or appear after a long time of use, you are prevaricating. Because the bad points are doomed at the moment when the LCD screen crystal is formed, but some do not appear at the time of leaving the factory, or some problems are not serious, and they gradually become dark points (light dimming) only after being used for a period of time. In other words, the possibility of bad points occurring the day after tomorrow is very small. So if you buy a book with bad points, you don’t have to worry about the spread of bad points
it’s really a helpless topic about the bad points of LCD screen. Generally speaking, when you buy this book, there are three bad points on LCD screen, especially in area a, so you can refuse to buy it. When selecting this book, it is suggested that you can bring some screen test software to test the screen in detail. Be sure to select it carefully before buying, so as not to cause unnecessary trouble in the future
III. fan – should it turn or not
cooling tool for notebook – Fan
the fan of notebook computer is different from that of desktop computer and is controlled by notebook temperature (except for some notebooks with individual desktop CPU). In other words, when the temperature is high, the fan will run faster, and when the temperature is low, the fan will slow down or even not work. The first advantage is to save power, the second is to reduce noise, and the third is to prolong the service life of the fan. Generally speaking, the speed of notebook fan can be adjusted by adjusting the power saving mode in COMS settings. There are also some notebooks with complete COMS settings, which can directly set the working temperature and speed of the fan. Some friends dislike the noise of the laptop fan and always want to stop the fan and adjust the starting temperature of the fan very low, which will overheat the CPU and system temperature, cause crash and reduce the service life of relevant accessories. Therefore, the laptop fan can’t rotate well frequently, and it’s also unfavorable if it doesn’t work. We should master a degree
the general experience is that when the room temperature is about 20 ℃, the indoor ventilation is good. When browsing the Internet, the laptop fan of Centrino CPU should be started every 20 to 30 minutes and stop working for about five minutes to save energy. When playing the game, start it every ten minutes or so. If the normal operation has been crazy, you should check whether there is something wrong with the COMS setting or the temperature control circuit
IV. keyboard – what is hand feeling
notebook keyboard with Chinese logo
many friends and some media will say how the keyboard feels in the evaluation room. In fact, this is the most difficult sentence to measure. The keyboard range of notebook is much shorter than that of ordinary desktop keyboard, which is itself very uncomfortable. So it won’t feel very good. And everyone likes the flexibility, softness and hardness of the keyboard keys, so it’s not objective to say how the keyboard feels just based on their own experience
a good notebook keyboard should be:
1. The gap is sufficient. For notebooks under 12 inches, the keyboard often adopts the compact design. The distance between the keys is very close, so it is very uncomfortable to type
2. The keys are firm. For some bad notebook keyboards, when you press one corner, the other corner will even tilt up. When typing in this way, the keys will wobble, which is very uncomfortable
3. It is flat as a whole. The notebook keyboard is very thin. Accessories such as notebook memory and hard disk are often installed below. Some notebook keyboards are irregularly designed, some places have accessories, and some places are empty. In addition, the steel lining of the keyboard itself is very thin. When typing, there will be a feeling of subsidence where there are no accessories, which is not only uncomfortable, Even feel the horror of falling and breaking. From a lower angle, you can even see that the keyboard is wavy and uneven. What’s more terrible about such a keyboard is that the high temperature of the book will make the keyboard bulge slightly upward, and close the screen after shutdown. The bulged keyboard has not returned to its original position, but it will rub the LCD screen, resulting in the same scratch as the keyboard layout on the LCD screen, which cannot be repaired, and will affect the quality assurance. That would have serious consequences
4. The layout is poor. The notebook keyboard lacks small number keys and the place is compact, so the layout of the keyboard has its own advantages. The layout design of some notebook keyboards is very unreasonable, and some function keys are set everywhere, which is difficult to find, and it is very inconvenient to type and use. I used a Toshiba notebook that moved the win key to the upper right corner. Don’t mention it
v. configuration – seeing flowers in the fog
the notebook configuration sheet that sees flowers in the fog
many friends

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